Xinhua News Agency: The U23 policy says that changing to the World Cup is not the only goal for China

 Xinhua News Agency: The U23 policy says that changing to the World Cup is not the only goal for China

Due to the absence of the World Cup, the national football team, which has always been the focus of Chinese football, has no major tournament to play in this year. The teams cohesion, tactical stability, and game input have not reached the level of the top 12 tournaments, so there are few bright spots. According to foreign media reports, Lippi has decided not to renew his contract, and the Chinese Football Association has not renewed its contract in advance, Lippi era may end after the Asian Cup in January next year.

This makes it impossible for the current national team to have a long-term plan. The only goal is to focus on the main players in the previous World Cup cycle and strive for success in the Asian Cup. After that, another world famous coach will be welcomed to the national team.

The flatness of the National Football Association has made the professional league a focus of fansattention. From the battle of Tianwangshan in Shanghai to the battle of breaking Guangzhou Hengdas dream of eight consecutive championships, to Wuleis amazing abandonment of native land to golden boots, to the battle of closing officials, each teams brilliant performance to break the doubt of tacit understanding ball under relegation, as well as the suspense and splendid beginning and end of the FA Cup final, all represent the improvement of superior quality and appreciation. Such progress in the U23 policy in the League midway to change the situation, it is even more valuable.

However, these improvements are not enough to enable the top-ranking Chinese Super League in Asia to regain the dominance of Guangzhou in the Asian Championship, because the League still has obvious deficiencies in the core competitiveness of the technical and tactical level, which needs strong support from local youth training.

Fortunately, while the National Olympic Team employs world famous coach Hiddink, there is also the implementation of 100 foreign teachers under the grassroots - the Chinese Football Association is at both ends of the elite and grassroots, trying to solve the lack of high-level coaches shortboard. However, such a two-handed grasp with equal strength is rarely seen in the past.

Thanks to the unprecedented attention paid to youth training, the framework of the pyramid of the youth training system has gradually become clear in the past year. 29 youth training centers are forming radiation effects. The National Football Youth Academy, which studies the Cleverdan Model, will soon be established. The Madrid Youth Academy built in Spain, a powerful football country, has also been unveiled.

Despite the tremendous efforts and investment of the youth training, the ten yearswork in one year is not equal to ten years achievements is a very touching sentence in an interview with Li Shubin, director of the national youth training of the mens football team. It also summarizes two characteristics that can not be ignored in the youth training: laying a solid foundation and not being impatient. Therefore, for the reasonable expectations of the results, experts in the industry such as Li Shubin have a consensus: Youth training must be seen in 10 years.

Ten years may seem like a long time, but there are only two World Cup cycles. The professional club system, which is at the top of youth training and produces elites, must also have fair competition and long-term system guarantee.

To this end, the Chinese Football Association is carrying out a great deal of reform. For example, in the access lever of youth training, since 2019, the clubs of China Super League and China First Class should build at least five echelons, and the second class should build at least four echelons. In financial supervision, the Football Association will soon launch measures including salary cap and transfer cap, which highlights its determination and strength to curb blind investment, transfer fee and excessive salary. In addition, the Football Association is studying a series of measures to promote the formation of professional leagues and the neutralization of club names. All of these are expected to push China Super League towards the true professionalization with the five leagues as the benchmark.

Over the past year, both long-term success, but also to seize the day and night, become the Chinese football managers to grasp the efficiency of the working state. Understandably, if we can make breakthroughs in the short term, we can win confidence and time for long-term development. However, football is like the diversified development of big sports: the national football achievements of competitive sports, professional leagues of sports industry and the popularization of grassroots of national fitness. There are interlinked laws among the three, which reflects the value of the worlds first sport. Football has far more evaluation criteria than entering the World Cup. When the song rose once again enters the World Cup and starts training and preparing for battle, if we can give the support to the national team of mens football to the womens Super League and the participation and popularization of womens football in the market warming up, maybe we can bring more long-term patience and motivation to Chinese football and achieve a more balanced and sustainable development. Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Li Siming_BJS2696