PLA officer Xuan micro penetration submarine? American blockbuster lens

 PLA officer Xuan micro penetration submarine? American blockbuster lens

[Wen/Observer Network Blocked Open Source] On December 17, in the column of Military Report of CCTV Military Agricultural Channel, Independent Innovation, Found the Most Important Tool of Our Country, there was a scene of a nuclear submarine carrying a miniature penetrating submarine. This shot quickly attracted the attention of foreign media, and it is believed that the 093A nuclear submarine appeared in the picture.

However, after comparing the pictures, observer military commentators found that this few seconds of footage came from the U.S. Navy Ohio class nuclear submarine in the film Operation Brave carrying SDV penetration submarines. Of course, the appearance of this scene on CCTV may suggest that the PLA already has similar equipment.

Screenshots of nuclear submarines carrying penetrating submarines in CCTV reports yesterday

Henry Kenneman, founder of the French website Oriental pendulum, later wrote in social media that he thought it might be a 093A nuclear submarine carrying a penetrating submarine.

Actually, this scene is from the American film Operation Brave released in 2012.

In this film, the first use of aerial photography technology shows the Ohio class nuclear submarine carrying SDV infiltration submarines.

Ohio-class enclosure rudder is similar to Chinese Naval Nuclear submarine, so it is often used to play our naval nuclear submarine in our official publicity videos.

SDV infiltration submarine is a kind of miniature submarine. The active MK.8 SDV can sail 15-18 nautical miles at 4 knots speed. It can let the nuclear submarine release frogman troops at a safe distance and carry out infiltration operations.

The Ohio-class nuclear submarine can carry two SDVs behind the enclosure, so its obvious in the film that the SDVs berthing position is sideways.

The U.S. Navys SDV submarine has a miniature sonar to track the seabed terrain and can navigate semi-autonomously underwater. The SDV can carry frogmen to lie awake for 8-12 hours. The limitation of the submarines submarine latency time is not the submarines battery or oxygen, but the crew may lose their mobility due to hypothermia.

In view of the weakness of the wet SDV in service, the US Army is developing a new generation of micro-penetrating submarine, which adopts a dry design and has a small pressure hull. The crew does not contact the sea water in the submarine, thus further prolonging the underwater activity time.

Although it is not our Navys infiltrating submarines that appear in the news pictures, with the development of our navys special forcesoperational tasks, there is also a demand for micro-infiltrating submarines similar to SDV. The appearance of SDV pictures in the pictures showing our armys new battle capability may indicate that our army has similar equipment, after all, the technical difficulty of such micro-submarines is not high.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer: Yao Wenguang_NN1682