This is true love. Odom wears a Kadashian head tee to take a picture with the fans

 This is true love. Odom wears a Kadashian head tee to take a picture with the fans

According to the gossip media terezowens, Odom and a fan photograph, which is a very common thing, but interestingly, Odom wears interesting clothes. He was wearing a black T-shirt. Looking at it carefully, it turned out to be the head of a member of the Kardashian family.

As we all know, Odom had a relationship with Kohler-Kadashian in the past. At that time, they fell in love with each other by lightning and soon got married. The marriage lasted for several years, but eventually, Odom was swept out by Kohler because of his drug addiction, derailment and other things. Although Odoms coma in the brothel once made Kohler care about him again, they finally broke up and went through the divorce formalities.

From the background of the photo, Odom seems to have taken a photo with the fans in a sporting goods store. It looks like he is signing his name to the fans. I dont know what hes wearing this T-shirt for. Hes trying to say hello to the Kardashians. Or do we use this as a mockery?

There have also been many rumors that Odom was unhappy with Corellas own reality show on the Kardashian family, believing that all this led to the death of his career.

After the coma, Odom went through a long period of rehabilitation treatment. Before that, he also sunned a video of playing on the training ground and was confident that he was still at his peak. As can be seen from this photograph, Odom has maintained a good figure at least.

However, although the recovery is good, Odom is basically impossible to return to the NBA to play, after all, the actual game of playersphysical condition is still very high requirements.