The CPC Central Committee and the State Council: To commend 110 outstanding contributors to the reform and Opening-up

 The CPC Central Committee and the State Council: To commend 110 outstanding contributors to the reform and Opening-up

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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, 100 reform pioneers were commended (Source:)

The Congress to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up was held in the Great Hall of the People on the morning of the 18th.

On the occasion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up in Chongqing, in order to commend the advanced and inspire the fighting spirit, carry forward the reform spirit of daring to try and take the lead, encourage the people of all nationalities throughout the Party to persevere in listening to the Partys words and follow the Partys lead, carry out the reform and opening-up to the end, the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to award 100 comrades such as Yu Min the reform pioneer title and award the reform pioneer medal. The international community has supported and helped Chinas reform and opening up, and awarded the Medal of Friendship for Chinas Reform to 10 international friends such as Alan Merier.

Reform Pioneer List (100)

Yu Min, an Important Promoter of the Reform and Development of National Defense Science and Technology

Yu Yi, an outstanding teacher in the reform of basic education

The Pioneer of Rural Reform

Ma Wanqi, a famous Macao entrepreneur and social activist who took the lead in investing in the Mainland

Ma Yun, an innovator of digital economy

Ma Huateng, explorer of Internet + action

Ma Shanxiang, Excellent Peoples Mediator for Innovation of Grass-roots Social Governance

Wang Dahong, the main advocate of 863 plan

Wang Shumao, a model of safeguarding maritime rights

Wang Yongmin, Inventor of Wang Code Five-stroke Type to Promote the Informatization of Chinese Characters

Wang Youde, Explorer of Scientific Sand Control

Building Shouguang Vegetable Brand and Promoting Agricultural Industrialization

Daqing New Iron Man Wang Qimin

Wang Xuan, Practical Explorer of Scientific and Technological System Reform

Wang Kuan-cheng, an outstanding representative of Hong Kongs business community in support of national construction and reform and Opening-up

Wang Jiafu, a theoretical innovator who promotes the rule of law

Wang Ying, an outstanding representative of discipline inspection and supervision cadres in the Party, should be strictly administered in an all-round way

Wei Changjin, a fighting hero who defends the peaceful environment of reform and Opening-up

Wei Huanneng, Explorer of Grass-roots Mass Autonomy System

Ju Xiaolin, the Excellent Representative of Staff and Workers in Knowledge-based Enterprises

Kong Fansen, Model of Leading Cadres of Party Members

Li Yining, an Active Advocate of Economic System Reform

Ye Cong, a practitioner of the undertaking of manned deep diving

Shen Jilan, an advanced model representative in the countryside who has never changed his mind

Shi Jiuyong, a faithful defender of national interests in the diplomatic field

Ran Shaozhi, Practical Explorer of Resettlement of Three Gorges Resettlement

The innovators of port handling automation wrap up sails

Nimaton Pearl, the Leading Soldier of Tibetan Pastoral Reform

Tim Bartel, an outstanding grass-roots cadre who takes root in pastoral areas and leads herdsmen out of poverty to become rich

Liu Hanzhang, Creator of Handan Steel Experience in State-owned Enterprise Reform

Liu Yonghao, an outstanding representative of private entrepreneurs

Xu Lirong, Promoter of Ocean Transportation System Reform

Xu Zhenchao, the outstanding representative of practicing craftsman spirit

Xu Haifeng, Chinas First Olympic Champion

Xu Chongde, the Active Promoter of the Construction of Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics

Sun Yongcai, the host of the development of the Fuxing high-speed train

Sun Jiadong, an Important Promoter of Innovation and Development of Aerospace Science and Technology

Du Runsheng, an Important Promoter of Rural Reform

Li Shufu, Excellent Representative of the Open Development of Private Automobile Industry

Li Dongsheng, Pioneer of Electronic Industry Opening up International Market

Li Guyi, a singer eulogizing reform and opening up

Li Baoguo, the Yu Gong of Taihang Mountains who pioneered a new way to alleviate poverty in Mountainous Areas

Robin Li, the excellent representative of returnees, pioneering and serving the country and promoting technological innovation

Li Xuejian, an outstanding performing artist who carries forward socialist core values

Yang Shanzhou, a model retired cadre who never forgets his first intention and devotes his whole life

The Pioneer of Urban Collective Enterprise Reform, Bu Xinsheng

Wu Renbao, Leader of Reform and Development in Huaxi Village

Wu Liangfu, Founder of Human Settlement Environment Science

Wu Jinyin, Excellent Representative of Grass-roots Party Members and Cadres in Township

Wu Rongnan, the pioneer of Xiamens aviation industry

Qiu E-guo, an outstanding representative of the police in grass-roots social governance innovation

He Xiangjian, the Forerunner of Township Enterprise Restructuring and Listing

He Zai, the Executor of Implementing Cadre Policy and Fighting Injustice, False and Wrong Cases

Remaining Finn, the Excellent Representative of Leading Villagers out of Poverty and Struggle in Deep Poverty-stricken Areas

Zou Bihua, the Lightlighter in the Reform of Judicial System

Kurban Niazi, a practitioner of national unity and progress

Zhang Yuehuo, an active practitioner of legal system construction in opening up to the outside world

Zhang Ruimin, an outstanding entrepreneur who pays attention to enterprise management innovation

Zhang Liming, Excellent Representative of Innovative Front-line Workers

Model Public Prosecutor Zhang Bian for Social Justice and Fairness

Chen Rixin, Creator of the Pingshuo Model of Sino-foreign Cooperation

Along the way health cooperation promoter Chen Fengfuzhen

Chen Jingrun, a model to encourage young people to climb the peak of science bravely

Mao Yonghong, Explorer of Community Party Building and Governance Innovation

Lin Yifu, Explorer of Economic System Reform Theory

Jason Sonandaje, the pioneer of eco-environmental protection in Kekexili and Sanjiang Sources

Luoyang, the Excellent Representative of Aviation Reporting Country with Life Practice

Zhou Mingjin, a practical innovator of Laixi Experience in rural grass-roots Party building

Zheng Chongxuan, the main pioneer of Hanzheng Street model in small commodity market

Zheng Derong, the Promoter of Marxist Sinicization Theory

Shaping Lang Ping, the Excellent Representative of Inheriting the Spirit of Womens Volleyball Team

Hu Xiaoyan, an outstanding representative of migrant workers emerging in the reform and opening up

Hu Fuming, the representative of the great discussion on the criterion of truth

Nan Rendong, the main initiator and founder of Chinas Eye of Heaven

Nan Cunhui, Excellent Representative of Wenzhou Private Economy

Liu Chuanzhi, the Pioneer of Industrialization of Science and Technology

Zhong Nanshan, an Important Promoter of Public Health Emergency Response System Construction

Yu Guogang, Practitioner of Capital Market Development

Shi Guangnan, a musician who composes the hymn of reform and opening up

Yao Ming, Excellent Representative of Open Exchange in Sports Field

Qin Zhenhua, the Shaper of Zhangjiagang Spirit

Yuan Geng, Founder of the Exploration of Shekou Model in the Experimental Field of Reform and Opening-up

Yuan Longping, Founder of Hybrid Rice Research

Ni Runfeng, an innovator in the practice of military-to-civilian transformation of enterprises

Guo Mingyi, the outstanding successor of Leifeng Spirit

Tu Youyou, an outstanding representative of scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine

Jiang Zilong, the Representative of the Writers of Reform Literature

Jiang Jiaji, an outstanding representative of the Air Forces practical and innovative methods of warfare

Jing Haipeng, a heroic astronaut who patrols the sky three times

Cheng Kaijia, the pioneer of nuclear weapons

Lu Guanqiu, the pioneer of the reform and development of township enterprises

Zeng Xianzi, a well-known entrepreneur in Hong Kong who has devoted himself to supporting the reform and opening-up of the country

Xie Jin, a film artist who promotes ideological emancipation and rectifies chaos

Xie Gaohua, Cultivator of Yiwu Commodity Market

Lu Yao, an outstanding writer who inspired hundreds of millions of rural youth to devote themselves to reform and opening up

Bao Xinmin, a practitioner of the concept of Green Water and Green Mountain Are Jinshan and Yinshan

Fan Jinshi, Explorer of Effective Protection of Cultural Relics

Pan Jianwei, an innovator in quantum information research

Huo Yingdong, a famous entrepreneur and social activist in Hong Kong who has made outstanding contributions to the countrys reform and Opening-up

Dai Ming Meng, Practical Explorer of Carrier Combat Effectiveness Construction

List of Winners of China Reform Friendship Medal (10)

Alan Merrill, a pioneer of medical and health development and foreign cooperation in China

Wiener Grisch, the First Foreign Factory Director in Chinas Reform and Opening-up Policy

Klaus Schwab, an international activist promoting Chinas foreign economic exchanges and cooperation

Matsushita, the pioneer of international well-known enterprises participating in Chinas reform and Opening-up

Da Ping Zhengfang, a politician who promotes the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations and supports Chinas reform and Opening-up

Lee Kuan Yew, a politician who promotes Singapores Deep Participation in Chinas reform and opening-up process

Juan Antonio Samaranch, the Promoter of Chinas Olympic Cause Towards the World

Stephen Perry, the successor of Sino-British friendship and promoter of Sino-British economic, trade and cultural exchanges

Morris Greenberg, an entrepreneur who advocates and promotes Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation and Sino-US friendship

Robert Kuhn, an international friend dedicated to telling the world about contemporary China