Asian hegemony gave the FIFA its first defeat 105 years ago, and Japans death after 15 balls of abuse is not recognized.

 Asian hegemony gave the FIFA its first defeat 105 years ago, and Japans death after 15 balls of abuse is not recognized.

In the Asian finals, the National Football Team regretted defeat, lost the trophy and failed to reach the top. Slowly the lines came out of the radio box and the memories were fixed. Old fans were pulled back to the night of the worker 14 years ago, which was given to our most painful opponent, Japan.

No, no, no, man. Stop your grief. Were on the wrong set. Move the time forward a little bit.

Philippin Company

105 years ago, in 1913, two years after the Republic of China, the Philippine National Team reached the top of Asia with a 2-1 score in the first Far East Games. Although only two teams participated, it was enough to show that football between China and the Philippines started early. That match was also the first official international match of the Chinese team.

Thats right. Dont always think that our football team has entered an Asian finals. During the period of the Republic of China, we have already taken a big step ahead of Japan and South Korea. Whats it called? Its called Grandpas food appreciation.

[Former dominant football player in the Philippines

To mention the Philippines, especially sports, is nothing more than Pacquiao, basketball and other key words. Football, it seems, has long been insulated from the Philippines in the 21st century, and even disappeared. Does the Philippines have football? Thats true. Otherwise, how could people have dominated Asia more than 100 years ago?

In 1895, at the end of the Qing Dynasty, a group of Filipinos who worked in Hong Kong returned home one after another, so they brought English football in Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Although the Philippines was a semi-colonial country at this time, it was still interested in such a new and healthy thing.

Soon football became an indispensable entertainment for Manila Carnival, and two neighbors of China and Japan became guests. Promoted by the Filipinos, the Far East Games were born.

Li Huitangs achievements in the Far East Games

However, such an inter-continental champion has become the only champion in the Philippines so far. In the following nine competitions, under the leadership of Li Huitang, the South China team has won nine consecutive championships, turning the Far East Games into a unique stage for the Chinese team. The national football players kicked the Philippines and Japan into doubtful lives and finally led to the competition. Its gone.

Of course, this is a joke, the main reason is that after 1934, Chinas domestic and international situation is turbulent, and it has no time to participate in such activities.

[The Emperor of the Ancient Times, King of Barcelona

In the 28th round of La Liga in 2014, when Messi scored his 370th goal in Barcelona, he became a worthy Barcelona striker. At this moment, Argentina spent nine years, and what he surpassed was Alcantara, the ancient name of the Philippines.

The Inheritance of Two Generations of Barcelonas Merit

As a legend of Philippine football and Barcelona Club, Alcantaras monuments in these two teams have deterred many future generations. Except for Messi, of course.

In 1896, in the Philippines under Spanish colonization, Alcantara came to the ground. His father was a Spanish officer and his mother was a local Filipino woman.

Spaniards gave up Luzon and other surrounding islands, and Americans became the new owners of the Philippines. Alcantara was also brought back to Barcelona by his father, and has been closely related to football and Barcelonas youth training camp ever since.


At the age of 15, Alcantara made his Barcelona debut and contributed a hat-trick to the teams 9-0 victory. Nowadays, such debut shows are still unparalleled.

At the age of 20, because of his parents, the pride of Barcelona was forced to leave Barcelona and return to his birthplace.

In order to continue his football career, Alcantara put on the shirt of the Philippine National Team and led the team to overcome difficulties in the third Far East Games. First, the Japanese team, who helped the team break the door at the beginning, eventually gave Japan the most painful score of 15-2. (The Japanese later refused to admit, and the Japanese Football Association refused to admit that it was an official international competition.)

In the final, against China, the overall strength of the national football team is too strong, even players like Alcantara, it is difficult to carry the whole team, 0-4, the Philippines lost to Japan (the host of the Far East Games at that time).

Compete with rivals

After two years in his homeland, Alcantara returned to Barcelona again. This departure is indeed a farewell.

Until retirement, Alcantara has scored 369 goals in 357 appearances for Barcelona, bringing 10 Catalan Championships and five Kings Cup Championships to the team. (La Liga League was established in 1929)

[The revival of basketball invasion depends on domestication

The defeat of the bullfighters and the victory of the Star-Spangle Banner in the Spanish-American War also foreshadowed the fate of the brothers of football and basketball in the Philippines.

The Impact of the American-Spanish War

In the first 50 years of the early 20th century, basketball became more and more popular, which was almost in parallel with the heat of football. They did not interfere with each other and developed with each other.

But basketball is like a nouveau riche, once rich, it will be lawless. From the 5th Olympic Games in the late 1930s to the 3rd place in the World Basketball Championship in 1954, basketball suddenly occupied all the Philippine fans, even football players, at the age of about 20, turned to the basketball court.

Feverish Filipino fans

With the decline of football and the introduction of the Philippine Governments Act on Restricting Chinese, Chinese players and sponsors have been completely separated.

Half a century later, after DanPalami, a Philippine businessman, became the manager of the national team in 2009, he put forward Project 100 to raise the world ranking of the Philippine national team to the top 100.

By bringing in a large number of overseas players, both those with Philippine origin and those without can join in, forming a veritable army of naturalization. Its a bit of a tribute to Qatar.

Slowly, after many defeats, in the final round of Asian Cup qualifying earlier this year, with two players produced by Hamburg and Chelsea youth training, the Filipino man finally reversed Tajik by 2-1, and won the Asian Cup for the first time.

After the game, the teams main goalkeeper Eserich also said excitedly: For our group of Filipino players, to participate in the Asian Cup may be only once in a lifetime, the feeling of creating history is really wonderful.

[Seated at the helm of Eriksson, the British god

Today, the Philippine team ranks 114 in the world, far below the 76 in the Chinese mens football team, but the teams reputation can be comparable to that of the national football team.

Eriksson, Swedens current manager, is an old acquaintance of Lippi. The number one goalkeeper in the team is the main goalkeeper in the upgraded Makadif City of the Premier League. Compared with the national football team, it is not ironic that even the Premier Leagues work permit can not be found now.

Asye Rich

Of course, as the Philippine countrys birthplace is in London, Chelsea and Fulham teams youth training results, so people are authentic British Hukou book.

Because of the great Britains talent, the Philippines also strongly advocates the naturalization policy. In 2007, when the 17-year-old Iserich received the invitation to naturalize the Philippines, he initially refused, I dont understand your national team language, what am I doing in the Philippines?

Fortunately, there are no unshakable corners in the world. The next year, the president of the Philippine Football Association personally stepped out, together with the coachs lobbying, and finally let Eseridge take off the three Lionsrobes and put on the clothes of other countries.

After Decision 1 was made, Eserich did not develop as rapidly as expected, but suffered from a downturn in life, from one city bench to another city bench, and eventually the contract expired and left freely.

The big British islands left him no hiding place and no place to live.

To stay in shape, he had to pay for training with Charlton and even sold his house and car.

Fortunately, when he was disappointed and ready to leave Great Britain, another door of fate slowly opened to him, and Eseridge entered, enduring struggle, and eventually followed Cardiff City to the Premier League in the midsummer of 2018.

Successful marriage proposal

As we all know, his proposal was successful, he played the leading role in the Premier League, he saved two penalties in a row, and he became the strongest guardian of the town of Cardiff.

Maybe in the next month, he will also become the most insurmountable natural graben for Wulei Lin people.

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