Shenma responded that half-way racers did not receive the final medal: will verify the reissue

 Shenma responded that half-way racers did not receive the final medal: will verify the reissue

On December 16, 2018, after the Shenzhen Marathon came to an end, some netizens reported that there were not enough medals in the half-way group, and that the finished competitors flocked to Shenzhen. Material was looted and the scene was chaotic. Some of the finished competitors could not get the medals.

In response, on the evening of December 17, the official microblog of the Shenzhen Marathon Organizing Committee responded that after the race, it received feedback from individual half-way runners and failed to receive the medal. In view of this problem, the Organizing Committee attached great importance to it and verified it in the first time.

The response also states that according to the Shenzhen International Marathon Rules, only those who complete the half marathon within the required three-hour closing time can award the final medal. In strict accordance with the rules of competition, the Shenma Organizing Committee strives to provide a fair, just and open environment for competitors, so it cannot award medals to those who have not finished the competition within the closing time. The final medal is a reward for the finalists, not a commemorative medal. I hope you can understand it.

At the same time, considering the weather conditions, the organizing committee extended the service time of the half marathon by 2 hours. The Organizing Committee provided the participants with access to bags, drinking water, food supply, ice pool recovery and massage after the race.

At the same time, the organizing committee said that if there are any contestants who finish the competition within the closing time stipulated in the Competition Rules, but fail to receive the medal, please send the contestant information and the photos of the number cloth after the competition to the official mailbox [email protected] The organizing committee will issue the additional information in time within three working days after verification, and the specific replenishment information will be notified by SMS.

Source: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily Author: Li Tao Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS 4645