Xiao Zhengnans first marriage proposal failed and laughed that Chen Zhenpeng and Zheng Jiaying had joined the queue.

 Xiao Zhengnans first marriage proposal failed and laughed that Chen Zhenpeng and Zheng Jiaying had joined the queue.

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18, Beijing time. According to Hong Kong media reports, Xiao Zhengnan made public Xiao Tai Huangcuis identity at the awards ceremony, which surprised the audience in Hong Kong. After the awards ceremony the night before, Xiao Zhengnan and his friend Cao Yonglian were interviewed. Xiao Zhengnan said that the marriage was in April and May this year. They were traveling to New Zealand to get married. When asked about the marriage proposal process, Xiao Zhengnans first proposal was a failure. He said, At that time, Cui-ru and I were on a roller coaster. We found the fastest roller coaster in Europe. Who knows she was afraid to go up. I held a ring and told her to look at it, but she refused to see it. She was not able to call it well and badly. I was afraid that the ring would fall off and finally cancel the action. Xiao Zhengnan said that Huang Cui likes to use simple ways, so after the second marriage proposal, she traveled to New Zealand to get married, and both parents were known beforehand.

As for why married people keep secret for a long time, Xiao Zhengnan explained: After registration, I always wanted to talk to you, but there were too many things happened. Jiaying also said that she was married, followed by Zhenpeng, and then Chen Kailin said that there were too many happy things, so I think this is a good time to talk about them, so I can tell them to all. When asked whether he would make up for the wedding wine, Xiao Zhengnan said that traveling and marrying are all to keep a low profile, but would ask Huang Cuirus opinion. It is also Huang Cuirus intention to choose New Zealand for registration. He believes that the other party is a tourist, and even the marriage notary is locally sought.

Xiao Zhengnan later burst out the business of registration. Huang Cui-ru queued up in the womens court with the application, but she was in the wrong line to prepare for the fine. He laughed and said, Shes really cute. Shes a good girl. I think she did a good job tonight (before). I have a good memory. In fact, Huang Cui-ru didnt know what I was going to say before, but I really cant help it. Would you be afraid of being said that they robbed the award ceremony, Xiao Zhengnan said that he had said two sentences, especially thanks to his friend Cao Yonglian for helping him find a way, because the other side is more nervous than himself.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736