Iranian Media: Gulf Arab Countries have secretly sought UAVs

 Iranian Media: Gulf Arab Countries have secretly sought UAVs

Reference News Network reported on December 18 that Iranian news and television website reported on December 10 that, according to a report issued by Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, a Gulf monarchy had made a request several years ago to buy Israels Elbit Companys Hermes 450 medium-sized UAV, which can carry air-to-ground bombs. Medicine. However, due to the military review, the name of the country was not specified in the report.

The report also said that Israeli officers pondered for some time and refused the countrys request after careful consideration, so the latter bought the pterosaur attack UAV instead.

Reported that the Gulf region is known to have two Arab countries - Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - are using attack UAVs.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on December 10 that the Oman authorities had allowed Israeli aircraft to fly in the countrys airspace, adding that Israel was working hard to obtain similar authorization from Saudi Arabia.

Another official Turkish news agency, Anadolu, reported last month that Hani Marzuk, a spokesman for Netanyahus office, said the Israeli Prime Minister planned to visit Bahrain very soon.

This visit is just a prelude to another bigger event in the Middle East, he added. This is the beginning of a new relationship, which shows that we are on the right track to correct history.

Israel believes that the Arab world is very diverse and has huge human resources potential, so it is willing to establish good relations with the Arab side at the scientific and academic level, said Marzuk.

Reported that Israels Minister of Transport and Intelligence, Israel Katz, visited Oman on November 4 to attend an international transport conference and promote a railway project. The project will link the Gulf to the Mediterranean through Israel.

Just before his visit, Netanyahu also made a surprise visit to Oman at the end of October. In a palace in the coastal city of Sib near Muscat, the capital of Oman, he met with Kabbs bin Said, Sultan of Oman.

The Jerusalem Post, Israels English daily, reported that the two men discussed ways to advance the Middle East peace process and some issues of common concern about regional stability. Senior officials who accompanied Netanyahu also included the head of Mossad spy agencies and national security advisers.

On the same day as Netanyahus undisclosed visit to Oman, Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev (female) went to the United Arab Emirates to lead the Israeli Judo team in the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam.

Palestinian Arabic-language news agency Maan reported that Regev arrived in Abu Dhabi on October 26 and attended the opening ceremony of the competition in the local sports city of Zayed. It is reported that this is the first visit by the Israeli government minister to the Gulf coastal countries.

Reported that Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi did not establish diplomatic relations, the United Arab Emirates does not recognize Israel, but in recent years the two sides have strengthened private cooperation, there are many reports that contacts between Saudi and Israeli officials are also increasing.

Among the Arab countries, Israel has only established diplomatic relations with Egypt and Jordan.

The report also points out that Saudi Arabia has hostile relations with the resistance movement in the Palestinian territory, including Hamas, which is resisting the Israeli occupation. (Compiler/Song Caiping)

Source: An Israeli soldier took off with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

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