Russia says it will take 500 missiles for Salmat to bypass US anti-missiles.

 Russia says it will take 500 missiles for Salmat to bypass US anti-missiles.


[Global Times reported special correspondent Wei Yunfeng] The United States claimed that it would withdraw from the China Guidance Treaty, forcing Russia to increase its nuclear stick waving. General Sergei Karakayev, commander of the Russian Strategic Missile Force, said that the new Russian intercontinental missile Salmat would resume flight tests at the Plesetsk Space Launch Site in the near future, according to the Russian Satellite Network on the 17th. With advanced performance, it can easily bypass the interception of the US anti-missile system and raid the US mainland from the Antarctic or Arctic. Russia declared that the United States needs to launch 500 missiles to intercept.

Reported that Karakayev, in an interview with the Russian Ministry of Defense organ newspaper Red Star, said: The Plesetsk Space Launch Site is actively building infrastructure for flight tests. The test will be started in the near future. If the test is successful, its components will be produced in batches. Located about 800 kilometers north of Moscow, the launch site is known as the cradle of Russian strategic missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared in his State of the Union address on March 1 that the Salmat intercontinental missile has entered an active test phase, which will replace the worlds heaviest Force Chief strategic missile (NATO code name Satan). Salmats test design work began in 2011, and on October 26, 2016, the missile photo was first released. On December 27, 2017, Russian media reported the success of the first launch test.

Karakayev also said in an interview that the Salmat unit, known as the strongest intercontinental missile, may be loaded from 2021 to 2020. It is reported that it has stronger power and can be launched in almost any direction. With a range far beyond the Force Chief, it can bypass the interception of the US anti-missile system and fly over the Arctic or Antarctica to attack the US mainland. In addition, the powerful load capacity enables Salmat to load more decoy warheads and effectively break through the interception of anti-missile systems. Victor Bondarev, chairman of the Defense and Security Commission of the Russian Federal Council, said that the United States will launch 500 missiles before interception is possible.

Karakayev also said that after the withdrawal of the United States from the Guided Missile Treaty, the next step would be to deploy medium-range missiles in Europe, which would pose a new threat to Russias security. There is no doubt that Russia is considering planning the use of strategic rocket forces in combat. He said that the Russian Strategic Rocket Army has formulated a series of military and technical measures to reduce the effectiveness of the advanced anti-missile system of the United States in Europe. The Russian army will first establish a missile system equipped with modern anti-missile tools and with higher durability. In addition, the Russian Strategic Rocket Army is continuing to develop scientific and technological reserves on ballistic performance changes of intercontinental missiles, and will continue to manufacture firepower and functional damage weapons for information reconnaissance, control and strike tools of anti-missile systems.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on the 17th that Moscow firmly opposes the abolition of the China Guidance Treaty, for which Russia intends to introduce a resolution in the General Assembly. We advocate the preservation of the treaty, he said on the radio programme of the Communist Youth League Truth Daily. The international community has repeatedly recognized that the Treaty is one of the cornerstones of international security and strategic stability. We will try to introduce a resolution in the General Assembly for the second time today, which will advocate reservations. Lavrov said that the United States continues to avoid dialogue on the issue of the Guidance Treaty. A kind of

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