Wang Jia-man, a new elite in long jump: the first winter training in three years, the word stable will take the lead next year

 Wang Jia-man, a new elite in long jump: the first winter training in three years, the word stable will take the lead next year

This years winter training is mainly to improve the ability of the main, the first two years of winter training did not practice, this is the first time in three years to participate in winter training, feeling a little strange. Wang Jianan said during the interval of training.

Although there is no systematic winter training for two consecutive years due to injury, Wang Jianans performance is still improving. Especially in the National Championship held in Guiyang in June this year, Wang Jianan jumped out of 8.47 metres and overtook Li Jinzhes national record, which was only one centimeter short of the Asian record. Looking back on the coming 2018, Wang Jianan feels very lucky.

At the beginning of the year, the injuries have been recovering, and the training in the middle is frustrating. Fortunately, he adjusted in time in April and May, jumped out of 8.47 meters in Guiyang, and the Asian Games also completed the task. Overall, I feel lucky in 2018. Wang Jianan said.

Wang Jianan said that he was lucky mainly because in all the competitions he participated in all the year round, he failed to jump above 8 meters except for the national record set in Guiyang and the championship result of 8 meters 24 in Jakarta Asian Games.

Next year, we want to stabilize our performance at around 8.40 meters. After jumping out of the national record this year, the latter did not jump out much, hoping that through the winter training system training, next year can make the results stable at a relatively high level. Wang Jia-nan said, Of course, next years goal is to meet the World Championship competition standards first, and strive for qualifications in the selection to participate in the Doha World Championship.

Since winning the World Championship in Beijing in 2015, more than three years have passed. Wang Jianan feels that his biggest change is that he is now more confident in international competitions. However, with the continuous improvement of performance, injuries have suddenly increased.

This may also be a difficult stage to avoid, this stage in the past and the future may be better to go, after all, these years of training also grasped some rules, so as to avoid injury as much as possible. Wang Jia-nan said that he did not like too intensive competition arrangements. After a good result in a competition, it often takes half a month or even a month to adjust his body and mind in order to continue to play well in the next match.

In recent years, the international long jump arena has been constantly emerging, only this season there are 8 people breaking through 8 meters 40, South Africas Manyonga and Cubas young player Echevarias best results are even close to 8 meters 70. However, Wang Jia-nan said that how his opponents performance does not bring too much pressure to himself.

I feel that I have no pressure. As long as I work hard in training, I can bring my level into full play in the competition. The final result should satisfy me. Wang Jianan said.

Source: Xinhua News Agency New Media Line Author: Wu Junkuan and Zhu Qing Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806