Kill and never return! The former Chinese national football son refused to return to China twice and pledged to serve Japan

 Kill and never return! The former Chinese national football son refused to return to China twice and pledged to serve Japan

Gao Yuyang, 20, was born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As a child, he began to receive football enlightenment education at Zhongyuan Primary School in Kawasaki Prefecture. Then he entered Kawasaki Citys Miyagi Secondary School and Shipbridge High School in 2014. Since 2017, he has played in the U23 echelon of Osaka Steel Ba. He made 28 appearances in the J3 League last season and was promoted to the first team of Osaka Steel Ba this year. Gao Yuyang, wearing No. 28 jersey, continued to play in the J3 League and even wore the captains armband against Vine Branches.

He scored three goals in 20 appearances in the J3 League because of his excellent performance in the first half of the year. He was transferred to the first team in late July. Osaka Steel Ba made his first appearance against Kagoshima Antler at home and then made six consecutive starts and played the whole game, including assists against FC Tokyo and Sendai Qixi. But since the end of August as a guest bird in Shayan 3-ball defeat, Gao Yuyang has completely lost the trust of coach Miyamoto Hengjing. After all, it is imperative to rely on the experience of veterans as soon as possible to succeed in relegation, rather than pay more for the results while giving new people opportunities to exercise.

In the last 10 rounds of J-League, Osaka Gangba tried to change the position of 343, 35-year-old veteran Takeshi Inano gradually occupied the main position in the midfield, so the team won nine consecutive wins, from the penultimate relegation edge to the seventh place, and finally ended the season with ninth place. In these 10 matches, Gao Yuyang only made five appearances, and his single appearances did not exceed 10 minutes. The total appearances were only 26 minutes, which has become an absolute substitute. Gao Yuyang is also the main force of Osaka Steel Ba U23 team. It seems that Osaka Steel Ba will clean the midfield in a large scale next year. After all, players over 35 years old, such as Yukio Fujino, Takashi Fujimoto, will fade out of the main line-up next year. At that time, Gao Yuyang, who is under 21 years old, is expected to get more playing time.

However, at present, Gao Yuyang has only played three times on behalf of Japans U15 Junior Team, after which he has not been selected in Japans echelons of all age groups. As early as the end of 2016, Japanese media had reported that Gao Yuyang faced the problem of nationality selection, when he had just signed the Osaka Steel Battier team to choose Japanese nationality. According to the Japanese Nationality Law, after the age of 20, you can choose another nationality. Gao Yuyang still insisted on his original choice.

Source: Responsible Editor of Football Daily: Li Siming_BJS2696