Google announced a $1 billion new park in New York

 Google announced a $1 billion new park in New York

Google said it had signed lease agreements at 315 and 345 Hudson Avenue in Lower Manhattan and a letter of intent to buy a property near 550 Washington Street.

In 2010, Google bought Chelsea Art Deco for $1.8 billion. However, as early as 2000, Google began to appear in the city. Earlier this year, Google announced that it had bought Chelsea Market in New York for $2.4 billion and planned to build another four-block park at Pier 57.

Googles new park is named Google Hudson Square as the headquarters of Googles New York Global Business Organization. In addition to Chelseas expansion, Google will increase its existing 7,000 employees in New York to more than 14,000.

Before Googles expansion in New York, its rival Amazon had decided to split its second headquarters and build it in New York City and suburban Washington, but the move drew criticism. Last week, Apple announced that it would invest $1 billion in a new park in Austin, Texas.

Obviously, big technology companies are looking to extend their antennae beyond their home centers on the West Coast, partly because it opens up a broader job market for them. After all, not everyone wants to work in California or Seattle.

Ruth Porat, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Google and its parent company Alphabet, said in a blog post: New York City is still an important source of diversified, world-class talent, which attracted Google to come here in 2000 and is why we will remain here. Polat added that the company is growing faster outside the Gulf than in the Gulf.

Google said its new park, which covers nearly 160,000 square meters, will open in 2020, starting with two office locations on Hudson Street, and two years later the park on Washington Street will come into operation. (small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541