Hudsons total score is expected to exceed 10,000 mark in World War IV.

 Hudsons total score is expected to exceed 10,000 mark in World War IV.

After the away defeat of Zhejiang Guangxia Team, Hudson scored 9684 points, only one step away from Wang Zhizhis 9688. Hudson hit a three-point goal just after the start of the match with Jilin Team on the 15th. In the first section, with 9 minutes and 10 seconds left, Gao Shiyan stole the ball and passed it to Hudson, who was fast down. Old Hudson made a good layup. With this shot, Hudson officially completed the overtaking of Wang Zhizhi. It should be pointed out that Dazhi finished 9688 points and used 433 matches, which was only Laohas 339th appearance in CBA.

Hudsons efficiency was very high throughout the game. He scored 7 of 9 shots for two points and 5 of 12 shots for three points, cutting the highest 34 points in the game. In this way, Hudsons total CBA score reached 9718, which not only surpassed a legendary figure in the history of CBA, but also has been infinitely close to the mark. It can be said that Hudson has become the first foreign aid in CBA history to score 10,000 points. There is no doubt about it. The only question is which game Hudson will complete his 10,000 milestones.

So far this season, Hudson has scored an average of 29.4 points per game. According to this figure, Hudson can reach a critical point before the end of the second phase of the regular season. On January 8, 2019, the home game against Bayi Team will probably be Hudsons ten thousand nights. However, Hudsons scoring pace may be slowed down due to the fact that he will be faced with two strong traditional defensive teams, Guangdong and Beijing, and it will be difficult to score before the All-Star weekend. But even so, I dont believe Hudson will let fans wait too long.

Compared with last season, Hudsons average playing time has been reduced by nearly one minute, but his average score has been increased by three points, which is due to Hudsons good feel. This season, Hudson averaged 66% of two-point shooting and 42% of three-point shooting, which are the highest in CBA career. It can also be seen that, with the increase of experience, he will score in a smarter, more reasonable and more labor-saving way in the competition, which is what people often say the older the demon. The first Mr. Wan Fen in CBAs foreign aid is the honor that Lao Ha deserves.