Foreign teachers are not satisfied that Ning Zetao only surpasses the Asian Games championship: he can swim in 48 seconds.

 Foreign teachers are not satisfied that Ning Zetao only surpasses the Asian Games championship: he can swim in 48 seconds.

(From left: Coach Brown, Ning Zetao and Yiyi reporter Xiao Yixun)

Ning Zetao entered the finals at 7:55 p.m. with the first result in the preliminary contest. A large number of Chinese audiences gathered to cheer for Ning Zetao. This also attracted the attention of the mainstream English media in Australia. Among them, there were yellow banners which asked Yimei reporters stand full of eyes. Whats the special story of the English character CHINANING on the banner?

The Commonwealth Games and the Australian record shown in the order book were maintained by local athletes McVoy, while Ning Zetao officially won the 100m freestyle gold medal in the FINA World Championship in 2015, Yiyi told the Australian counterpart. Paragraphs on ChinaNing were highlighted in the manuscript.

Although tonights final was better than the Jakarta Asian Games championship, Coach Brown did not seem satisfied. While Ning Zetao was waiting for the award and after receiving it, Coach Brown had been demonstrating some skating with Ning Zetao.

Its easier than the Asian Games champion. Its not our goal. I think he has the ability to swim in 48 seconds. After the game, I asked him if he was in any condition, Coach Brown said.

According to Coach Brown, Ning Zetao told him that he was not very excited on the court tonight after the game. But I believe he should be in good condition at the moment, and the injury on his finger has almost recovered. I look forward to recovering soon, Coach Brown said.

During the interview with Yiyi reporter and coach Brown, Ning Zetao began to relax after the game in the outdoor swimming pool. Together, we saw an extremely self-disciplined image of athletes.

Ning Zetao, who has been training in Australia for a long time this year, has changed a lot and needs to take on more food, clothing, clothing and transportation outside the competition. The biggest change should be that Ning Zetaos complexion is tanned. Not long ago, Ning Zetao sent a micro-blog, the net friends exclamation has been sunned into sauce meat color, and more millions of netizens jokingly called it ink. Fish black.

However, in the eyes of coach Brown, This is Brisbane, this is summer! Coach Brown feels that he appreciates the skin color in his speech. Its the mark left on Ning Zetao during the whole training. We can see from the photos at the time of award presentation that after removing the swimming goggles, the part of Ning Zetaos glasses band and the rest of his face are completely two colors.

About what language Ning Zetao and coach Brown communicate in training, Yiyi reporters listened to the dialogue between the two sides carefully. Ning Zetaos English ability is good, and he can basically express technical movements and his own problems. Coach Brown has also learned some Chinese expressions, to the side, turn around, draw water and so on. Coach Brown opened his mouth in Chinese, and both sides came by some turn. App translation can satisfy the purpose of understanding each other, make communication more efficient, and the training effect will be better.

Source: Yiyi author: Xiao Yixuns responsible editor: Cao Liyuan_NS1806