Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Exposure Tesla Shanghai Factory Breaking Ground

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Exposure Tesla Shanghai Factory Breaking Ground

Netease Technologies News Dec. 18, according to foreign media reports, the latest UAV aerial video shows that Tesla is accelerating its plans to build a super factory in Shanghai, China, and its Gigafactory 3 super factory has begun construction.

Earlier this summer, Tesla announced an agreement with the Shanghai government to set up a wholly owned factory in Shanghai. The company then expedited the construction and design of the super factory.

In October, Tesla announced that 85 hectares of land had been acquired for the construction of super factories in China and said it was speeding up construction plans.

Its not clear when the plant will start, but Elon Musk, Teslas chief executive, said that Teslas goal is to introduce parts of Model 3 into China as early as next year.

Earlier this month, Ying Yong, deputy secretary and mayor of Shanghai Municipal Committee, said that Teslas Gigafactory 3 plant has basically completed land leveling and is about to start construction. The project is expected to be partially operational in the second half of next year.

Now, aerial video from an unmanned aerial vehicle shows that Tesla is indeed leveling large areas of land and starting construction work.

The company seems to be building a large wall around the factory to accommodate a super factory-sized building.

There are also some heavy machinery on site, which are receiving building materials.

Although their goal is to prepare for the production of Model 3 parts as early as next year, the actual production of the whole vehicle is expected to take several years.

When announcing the creation of the Gigafactory 3 super plant, Tesla said that it was expected that construction would begin in the near future and production would take about two years. In two to three years, after the plant is fully put into operation, it will be able to produce about 500,000 cars for Chinese customers every year. (Han Bing)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541