Come to the Red Pavilion of Liu Dehua, the 70-year-old star cluster of Huaqiang

 Come to the Red Pavilion of Liu Dehua, the 70-year-old star cluster of Huaqiang

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18, Beijing Time. According to Hong Kong media reports, the day before Huaqiangs seventieth birthday, his wife Chen Lan hosted a big birthday party for him. The guests to congratulate him included Liu Jialing, Guan Zhilin, Xu Xiaofeng, Du Qilan, Xu Ke, Zeng Zhiwei, Yang Qianwei and his husbands Ding Zigao, Lu Liangwei and Yen Zi. Dan, Chen Xiaochun and his wife should be children, Zhang Zhilin and his wife Yuan Yongyi and Zhongzhen Taoli, and the most surprising thing is that Liu Dehua came to the Red Pavilion to celebrate Huaqiangs longevity immediately after the second concert.

On the eve of his 70th birthday to Huaqiang, the birthday banquet was full of joy. First, the birthday star delivered a speech and cut birthday cake. He talked about his birthday wish. He expressed his hope that he would live a healthy and happy life in the next 20 years. He also wished everyone who knew him on the spot would be in good health. The conference also arranged to broadcast fragments of Xiangshengs past participation in film performances, some of which were more than 40 years ago, so as to make off-stage guests nostalgic. After that, he took the lead in singing and entertaining the guests. After that, many guests took turns to sing. Even Liu Qingyun [Weibo], director Du Qirong, Xu Ke, Zeng Zhiwei and Yen Zidantong, who seldom spoke at ordinary times, came to the stage to sing. As for the singersgroup Yang Qianwei, Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin, Su Yongkang and Zhang Yushan, when Zhongzhentao came to the stage to sing, they also presented their songs to Huaqiang. Dancing with Carina Lau on the stage drew applause from the audience.

Until the end of the party, special guest Andy Lau flew in from the Red Hall to complete the second concert. In order to congratulate Huaqiang on his birthday, Andy Lau sang a Mandarin song on the stage after giving his congratulations. Caroline Lau and Guan Zhilin acted as fans and went to the stage to lay flowers. Andy Lau also had two relativescheeks. However, Andy Lau would continue to cope with the remaining 18 performances to congratulate Huaqiang. After his birthday, he rushed home to rest.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736