Zhou Liqi Married Mainland Actor Fu Weiming and Old Ai Zheng Jiaying

 Zhou Liqi Married Mainland Actor Fu Weiming and Old Ai Zheng Jiaying

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18, Beijing time. According to the Hong Kong media, congratulations! Congratulations! Entertainment circle at the end of the year quite a lot of good news, wave after wave! Zhong Xintong registered today and Xiao Zhengnan announced that she had married Huang Cui-ru when he was awarded the Most Popular Television Filming Document at the Millennium Star Fair Awards Ceremony 2018 the night before. Zhou Liqi, 39, announced happily through the manager company Emperor Entertainment yesterday that she had become a couple with Fu Weiming, a 45-year-old mainland artist. Zhou Liqi shared her feelings and said that everything was the best arrangement. Zhou Liqi used to love Zheng Jiaying and said that it was a happy thing to get married. Congratulations!

Zhou Liqi left a message on the social platform yesterday: We are married, entering another stage of life, everything is the best arrangement, here to share with you. In the photo, a couple did not wear wedding dress, just a casual dress, looking back hand in hand, feeling simple and sweet.

Zhou Liqis manager, Mani, made a statement on Weibo, revealing that his other half was originally Fu Weiming, a mainland artist. Thank you for your love and support for Zhou Liqi all the time. Today (yesterday) Zhou Liqi officially announced to her friends that she was married. She and her husband, Fu Weiming, had a simple wedding ceremony and launched a new page of her life under the witness of her family. On behalf of Zhou Liqi, we wish a couple of new couples a sweet love, and at the same time we would like to express our sincere thanks for your concern and wishes. Emperors Entertainment

A Sa cant go to the wedding at the wrong time

Zhou Liqis friend, Ah Sa, responded, Congratulations on them and happy for them. Unfortunately, I cant get to their wedding at the wrong time. I want to congratulate them personally and invite them to dinner later. Born on October 29, 1973, Fu Weiming, formerly known as Fu Chengpeng, is 45 years old. In 2012, Qiang Xiaowei in Im a Special Force became familiar to everyone. Fu Weiming was married and had an 8-year-old son. In 2014, there was a rumor that Fu Weiming and Zhou Liqi cooperated with the Mainland opera Undercover.

Zhou Liqi was never married by a shotgun

Mani laughed at the Hong Kong and Taiwan Awards Ceremony yesterday and said, If an artist wants to get married, he may sign the Emperor. Mani said that Zhou Liqi held a wedding party outside the city. She wanted to attend herself, but she was too busy to go to work. Their wedding was very simple, mainly attended by parents and relatives and friends of both sides. Mani said that after receiving the notice for some time, Zhou Liqi wanted to keep a low profile and have a simple, very warm party. She came back yesterday and announced her marriage today (yesterday). News. Mani said that he had met Fu Weiming and was impressed by his politeness and simplicity.

Ask Zhou Liqi if she is going to make a man? Mani said: Its only when two people think about it that they can get married. Ready can make that decision. How did they know each other? Those who have known each other for a period of time will meet again and get married at an appropriate time. (Flash marriage?) This life event, not flash marriage, think its time to get married, can be contracted. (Zhou Liqi will have BB?) Its not a shotgun marriage. Its also not a wine shop in Hong Kong. What gift do you give? They are all golden pigs. Gutai (Mrs. Gujuki) also sent golden pigs to her wedding. It represents good fortune and hopes that all of them will spread their branches and leaves.

Zhou Liqi married the Emperor as soon as she signed the contract, but would it have an impact on her work? Mani said: No fear, her work has been scheduled for next year, just as Gillian worked more actively after she got married and the whole person has grown up. Mani also revealed that Zhou Liqi would attend Gillians wedding banquet.

In addition, Zhang Jingxuan has just heard the good news from her colleagues. He is happy to find a good husband for each other. He said that he has not seen the husband of the other party and has not been impressed. Speaking of Manis saying that he wanted to marry and join the Emperor, Zhang Jingxuan laughed and said, Yes, Wangding is rich, and its very rich for me, because Ill have a new restaurant open next year.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736