MAMAMOO Choke Black Powder: Get out of here

 MAMAMOO Choke Black Powder: Get out of here

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18, according to Taiwan media reports, the Korean womens group swallow CD womens group MAMAMOO has gained a reputation for its amazing singing power. They are not only charming on the stage, but also very popular with their private interaction with fans. A few days ago, members Min Xing and Songle opened a live chat with fans, but there were black fans left behind MAMAMAMOO looks ugly and other bad comments, the two were also aggressive, let fans shout: Sister super handsome!

The eulogist also asked Coco Star, Do you have any bad comments here that you want to refute? Coco Star frankly said, Like a message likeMAMAMOO looks ugly, let me see your face! Its better to publish your ID, phone number, address and so on together! uuuuuuuuuuu

They also said that they often see people saying that MAMAMOOs face has collapsed with age, but they do not care about this message, just afraid that fans will be sad to see it,Let our loved ones sad, MAMAMOO will not sit idly by! MOOMOO (fansnames) dont have to worry, we are very strong inside. Face-to-face retaliation made fans rave about domineering!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736