Ko Jie of Chunlan Cup won two seats in each of the top four Kim Zhi-xi teams

 Ko Jie of Chunlan Cup won two seats in each of the top four Kim Zhi-xi teams

Ko Jie of this bureau insists that both sides still start with the usual routines at present. In the change of point 3 and 3 in the upper right corner, Jin Zhixi 11 wrenches novice. However, Ko Jie, a hard-working player, will not be fooled by the other sides unusual way. After simple Stereotyping on the upper right, it is the fast layout of white chess. Black chess 47 points slightly slower, white chess underneath the game, one move to gain the advantage of the situation.

Faced with the rapid development of white chess, Jin Zhixi seems to have a particularly slow pace. The sticking of 65 and 67 in the upper left corner is also an obvious slow hand. After Baiqi Tuotuo completely destroys the potential of black chess in the right side, the advantage of white chess becomes more obvious.

Next, black chess invaded the lower left corner, leaving behind a robbery, but the white chess periphery is not thick enough in case of rash robbery is also at risk. Kojies actual battle 118 neglected its own weak links and directly robbed, the situation suddenly became complex. However, Jin Zhixi 143 gave up the lower left corner should be a clear misjudgment, white chess robbery after a huge lead.

However, after a short period of time, Ko Jie once again appeared the problem of wave under the dominant situation: below 146, black chess ignored the means of defeating the periphery of white chess to slow down the attack, and was involved in the periphery of white chess by black chess. The following two sides again launched a fierce fight. By 183, the two sides had undergone a major transformation and the situation was chaotic again.

Unfortunately, Jin Zhixi has just recovered his disadvantage. In 185, miscalculation occurred again, neglecting the means of breaking the central dragon by white chess. By 206, white chess ate the black chess center, and the two sides formed a disproportionate transformation. White chess is excellent. Black chess then struggled to break into the blank for the final battle. Ko Jie made another mistake in the offensive and defensive battles above. He was killed by black chess first. Fortunately, the advantage ahead was too big. After black chess robbed material was not enough to be seized, white chess was able to walk on thin ice to the other side of victory.

In the battle of 302 hands, Baiqi won by a narrow half-purpose advantage, ending the fierce competition. Ko Jie successfully entered the top four. In the next round, he will fight with Dang Yifei against Koreas two Park combinations: Park Tinghuan and Park Yongxun.