The most divine scenario of the Champions League: Two big gift packs meet with a dry son, a real hammer?

 The most divine scenario of the Champions League: Two big gift packs meet with a dry son, a real hammer?

Porto is the top player in Group D in the group tournament. The team is likely to meet seven rivals, Atletico Madrid, Spurs, Liverpool, Ajax, Lyon, Rome and Manchester United. Atletico Madrid is the hard bone that nobody wants to encounter in the knockout. Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester United are the top three in the Premier League. Ajax is on the rise, Lyon is third in the French league. Roma are relatively weak in the second place of the group and the Red Wolves are currently only sixth in Serie A.

All the second teams want to draw Porto. Porto is obviously a big gift package compared to Dort, Barcelona, Paris, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Real Madrid. As a result, Porto, considered a big gift package, avoided all the top teams in the second group and instead drew on Rome, which had been in bad shape recently. For these two big gift-pack teams, the draw can be said to be on the lottery.

In recent years, Porto has had an excellent draw in the group tournament. In Group D this year, Portos opponents are Moscow Locomotive, Schalke 04 and Galatasaray. In the last season, Portos opponents were Monaco, Besiktas and Leipzig Red Bull. In the 16/17 season, Porto drew in Leicester City, Bruges and Copenhagen. In the 15/16 season, Porto drew Chelsea, Dynamo Kiev and Makabi Tel Aviv. In the 14/15 season, Porto drew Donetsk miners, Bibba and Borisov. In the 13/14 season, Porto drew Atletico Madrid, Zenit and Rapid Vienna. In the 12/13 season, Porto won Paris, Kiev Dinamo and Zagreb Dinamo. In the 11/12 season, Porto drew the Greeks, Zenit and Donetsk miners.

Portos group game was a great signing.

In the last eight seasons, Porto has drawn only Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Paris in the group tournament. But in fact, Atletico Madrid and Paris did not rise when they met Porto, which meant that Porto actually only drew Chelsea, a real big club. Portos ability to keep good shipping for so many years seems difficult to explain only with good luck. Source: Netease Sports Author: Zhang Lins Responsible Editor: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656