Life Winner! Boss Bs Substitute in the FIFA Warm-up Match: Its worth it all your life

 Life Winner! Boss Bs Substitute in the FIFA Warm-up Match: Its worth it all your life

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Chinese Second Presidents Substitute Enters the Warring States Football Team (Source: Netease Video)

Recently, Jin Xuejian, the president of Yanbian North Country, released a video on his social platform showing him as a substitute in the warm-up match. He wrote, Its worth it to play against the Chinese national team in this lifetime. Thank the National Football Team for choosing Yanbian North to warm up and look forward to a splendid Asian Cup.

Yanbian North China ranked 12th in the 2018 season in the second regular season. In addition, Chief Executive Jin Xuejian once came on as a substitute in the FA Cup match against Luneng, which attracted the attention of the media.

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