Thousands of users queue up for deposit refund formalities ofo: refunds will be made in the order of submission

 Thousands of users queue up for deposit refund formalities ofo: refunds will be made in the order of submission

Direct attack Beijing ofo headquarters line deposit refund the first day, the scene is comparable to the Spring Festival! (Source:)

Thousands of users went to Xiaohuangche Headquarters yesterday to handle the deposit refund formalities. Photographer/intern Wang Ronghui

Yesterday, thousands of users went to the ofo headquarters building and queued up in the cold wind to refund their deposits. Offo staff have registered users who have applied for refund of deposit more than 15 working days overdue, and will re-verify that there is no on-site refund of deposit. More than 8 oclock last night, ofo issued the latest policy announcement of deposit refund urgently: whether online or on-site, the deposit will be refunded in the order of application.

Last weekend, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily reported that Xiaohuangche Headquarters CitizensGroup Refund Deposit attracted a large number of users to ofo headquarters for refund registration. Yesterday evening, ofo urgently issued Reminder of Deposit Return Policy, saying that it will review and collect the deposit according to the order of application. Online and offline will be unified and processed. The deposit will be refunded in order, and ofo will properly handle the deposit refund in order. Offo official said that the on-site remand is the same as on-line, recommending online applications.

Personal experience

Queuing for 3 hours to get a refund

Yesterday, thousands of users went to Xiaohuangche headquarters for deposit refund formalities. There was a long queue of over 100 meters under the ofo headquarters building. The queue time per person was about two hours.

At 4:30 p.m., the reporter of Beiqing Daily had not yet arrived at the ofo headquarters in Zhongguancun Internet Financial Center. He saw a large number of people downstairs. Only after approaching, he found that the queue bent five times from the entrance of the building to the road. The length of the queue was more than 100 meters, and the number of people on the spot exceeded 1000. A Mr. Li, who works in the North Fifth Ring Road, told reporters that he used to think that ofo was a big company and he used to ride more bicycles. He simply paid a deposit for 200 yuan, but he didnt expect that it would be difficult for ofo to refund the deposit before he had been riding for half a year. Two months ago, Mr. Li began to try to refund money, which has not been refunded up to now. During that time, Mr. Li dialed many ofo calls, which were unanswered. After seeing the news that ofo headquarters could refund money this morning, he rushed to deal with it.

In front of the building, the reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that the scene had formed a return passage with warning lines for the refund users to queue up. The refund users were in groups of 15 people, and they entered the elevator one after another to refund the money on the fifth floor. There has been a queue since 9 a.m. At two oclock in the afternoon, the line reached the intersection. A security guard told the Beijing Youth Daily. At 5:15 p.m., it was late, and the team in the cold wind had been cut in half. People in the team wore hats and gloves to resist the cold. At this time, there are still people joining the team. Aunt Li, who works nearby, came to line up for her son after work. A hundred dollars is money too, so my son wont come back to line up again. Aunt Li said. At about 7 p.m., reporters from Beiqing Daily followed the procession and finally entered the ofo office area.

At 7:20 p.m., the reporter of Beiqing Daily finally entered the elevator. The elevator went all the way up to the fifteenth floor, but did not stop at the fifth floor. The security guard on the elevator explained, There are too many people today. The other two elevators have broken down at noon. Now they are on a special elevator, and they are not listening at present. After several debugging, the reporter arrived at the fifth floor smoothly, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw the announcement that no photography was allowed. After waiting for several minutes, the Beiqing newspaper reporter successfully registered the ID card number, telephone number, Alipay account number and other information. The staff explained that the users who had made a refund on the App and did not refund the money within 15 working days would return the deposit and balance to Alipay within three working days after the registration of the information. The users who did not submit the refund would return the deposit and balance to Alipay within 15 working days after the registration. The Beiqing newspaper reporter belongs to the former, that is, a refund has been made on App. This means that if it goes smoothly, Alipay will receive ofo deposit and balance refund within three working days.


Netizenshot transfer of ofo deposit refund strategy

The problem of deposit refund has been plagued by small yellow car users, and various strategies of deposit refund for small yellow car are circulating on the network. Recently, the news of successful withdrawal of foreign friends and successful withdrawal of ofo headquarters surprised netizens, but was immediately denied by ofo official statement. Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the ofo Xiaohuangche official micro-blog saw that, regardless of what news Xiaohuangche released, public welfare activities or forward lottery, under each micro-blog, there are many netizens calling for refund of deposit.

It was reported that some ofo users pretended to be foreigners who sent an English email to ofo officials. As a result, ofo not only refunded the deposit lightning, but also responded to an English apology email. Some netizens reported that he pretended to be a foreigner from California who had lived in China for two or three years, who was not good at Chinese and liked to do things more genuinely. He wrote a complaint email to ofo with a try mentality. Unexpectedly, ofo returned his deposit and sent an English email apologizing.

Subsequently, the ofo Public Relations Department responded that the matter was impossible and unknown. After that, some Beijing users went directly to the ofo headquarters to refund the deposit. It was surprising that they received a warm reception at the ofo headquarters, and the deposit of Xiaohuang car arrived quickly. The whole process only took about 10 minutes.

However, according to the survey, due to the long distance, refund processing time is arranged in the working day, many citizens chose to give up. For this money to occupy my time cost, transportation costs, one day leave and deduction of 200 yuan salary, its really not cost-effective. Mr. Hu, a resident of Fengtai District, thinks so.


App application for refund 15 working days

Offo responded yesterday that the deposit is normally refundable and users can apply on the App side by themselves, arriving at the accounts in 0-15 working days.

Recently, a small number of users have come to the office of ofo headquarters to apply for deposit refund. We have registered those who have applied for deposit refund more than 15 working days overdue and will re-verify that there is no on-site deposit refund. If users encounter abnormal refund problems, in order to save userstime, it is recommended to contact online customer service and call customer service telephone: 4000507507, customer service personnel will be processed according to the order of application, please wait patiently.

Previously, ofo customer service on-site prompts the user, in principle, 15 working days before the normal refund, no normal refund may be the users Alipay information is not synchronized to the ofo App, so it is not possible to return the deposit to the account. Users need to download the latest version, fill in the deposit rights column Alipay information, if the above operation is no problem, still can not refund, it may be the network is bad, need to contact customer service or take my identity card to ofo office to retire.


Overnight reminders: refunds will be made in the order of submission

More than 8 oclock last night, ofo issued the latest reminder notice of deposit refund policy urgently. Ofo company said in the announcement that users submitting online application for deposit refund, the background system will review and collect relevant information according to the order of application submission, after verification, users will enter the deposit refund sequence, and ofo will refund in order. If a user registers at the company site, ofo will incorporate the relevant information collected into the online deposit refund sequence in chronological order. If the subscriber registered offline has already initiated a refund application, the time information before shall prevail.

The base of ofo users is large, and there is a possibility of a surge in deposit refund applications, said ofo. Please wait patiently, we promise to properly handle the deposit refund in order, please rest assured that the majority of users.

Offo officials also emphasized that on-site remand is the same as on-line, recommending online applications.

Source of this article: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily Author: Zhao Xinpeiwenjing Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143