Men steal mobile phones while bathers are asleep and brush their faces to unlock them

 Men steal mobile phones while bathers are asleep and brush their faces to unlock them

A few days ago, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Rudong, came to Nantong City to work. That night, he found a bathroom and went to sleep. But who knows, due to his negligence, he just bought an Apple mobile phone was stolen by others.

On the night of the crime, Mr. Zhao took a bath in a bathroom in Gangzhao District, then went to the lobby lounge chair to rest. Before going to bed, he also put his mobile phone on the bedside to recharge.

Mr. Zhao, the victim, said, When I woke up at about six oclock in the morning, I wanted to take my mobile phone. The first time I wanted to see the time on my mobile phone, when it was gone, there was only one line left, so I immediately went down to watch the video and then watch the surveillance.

From the surveillance video, we can see that at that time, a man lying next to Mr. Zhao was not asleep. While Mr. Zhao was asleep, he kept extending his hand to each other, trying to get Mr. Zhaos cell phone on his bedside. When the mobile phone arrives, the man looks at the mobile phone in the quilt, and the victims mobile phone shines.

Video surveillance showed that because Mr. Zhaos mobile phone screen was locked, the suspect brushed his face against Mr. Zhao, who was asleep, trying to unlock the lock. After several attempts, he quietly left with his mobile phone in case of failure to unlock it.

Ji Haoshu, a police officer at Tangzha police station, said that after stealing the mobile phone, the suspect tried various ways to unlock it, but failed. Then he sold it to a family in Xingdong for more than 3,000 yuan.

Shortly after the incident, the suspect was arrested and brought to justice by the public security organs. At present, the police have taken criminal coercive measures against him.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Ji Xueying_NN6784