Water pipe explosion caused many farmland to be flooded by the company involved: and so on.

 Water pipe explosion caused many farmland to be flooded by the company involved: and so on.

Water pipes burst and many farmland was flooded. Over the past month, there have been many discussions but no one has dealt with them. On December 4, Dahe Dahe Dahe Client reported the complaint of Mr. Zhao, a Xucun villager in Puyang City. Reporting that day, Puyang Huayuan Water Co., Ltd. had said to the Dahe Daily reporter, I will give you a comment on these days. However, two weeks later, despite Mr. Zhaos repeated contacts with the company, no result has been obtained.

In early November, a tap valve burst at Kaizhou North Road in Puyang City, flooding more than 10 mu of nearby villagers. Because the farmland of Mr. Zhaos family was close to the pipe burst, it was heavily flooded, including one of his irrigation wells collapsed, which was washed into mud, and two pumps in the wells were flooded. In addition, many Hibiscus trees planted by his family for distribution to flower factories were flooded. After the accident, Mr. Zhao found Puyang Huayuan Water Company Limited, but the other side has been delayed for a month without giving any explanation.

Receiving complaints, Dahe Daily reporters came to the company for an interview and reported on the matter on December 4. Reporting that day, the companys marketing department said that the water pipe construction here has not yet been accepted, the problems need to be compensated by the construction company, they are responsible for supervision. And promised that they are contacting the construction company, these days will give the treatment results.

However, two weeks later, Mr. Zhao contacted the company many times, and the statement was still wait a minute. There was no processing result.

On the afternoon of December 17, Dahe Daily called again the relevant persons in the marketing department of Puyang Huayuan Water Co., Ltd. The other side said that the relevant personnel of their company had indeed talked with the construction company, but did not reach an agreement. At present, the leaders of their company are communicating directly with the leaders of the construction company, but it is not easy to say when the results will be achieved.

Its so difficult for farmers to grow land and their incomes are not high. Now something has happened, but Puyang Huayuan Water Co., Ltd. has been procrastinating. Its really dishonest. In this regard, some citizens said that if the villagers do not take the initiative to contact the matter, the media do not expose the matter, I am afraid it will not wait for a result. In the future, how can we gain the trust of the citizens?

It is understood that the business scope of Puyang Huayuan Water Co., Ltd. includes urban water supply management, pipeline construction and management, sewage treatment and recycling, water resources development and utilization consulting, water saving management consulting, etc.

Source: Ji Xueying-NN6784, responsible editor of Dahe Net-Dahe Newspaper