A barren hill in Nanjing is occupied by 20 luxury ashes memorial halls and looks like a village from afar

 A barren hill in Nanjing is occupied by 20 luxury ashes memorial halls and looks like a village from afar

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A group of ashes halls has been built on a barren mountain in Nanjing, which looks like a village from a distance.

Modern Express News Building a barren hill with courtyards, at first glance, like a village, but do not hear the sound of dogs and chickens, who can think of this is an ashes Memorial hall. Recently, some villagers in Gaomiao Community of Xingdian Street, Pukou District, Nanjing, reported that nearly 20 memorial halls of similar height and size have been built on a barren hill in this community in recent years, which are dedicated to the storage of ashes. Modern Express reporters visited the site and found that some of them had just been built and had not yet installed ashes, including some local clan memorial halls and family memorial halls, which are in violation of funeral management regulations.

There are ashes halls all over the barren hills.

Scene: Waste Hill occupied by ashes Hall

On the morning of December 17, Modern Express came to the scene and found that in the vicinity of Laoshiqiao Street, Xingdian Street, Pukou District, Nanjing, this is a stone hill, very barren, on which besides stones, there are some bushes.

Next to a Songyun Temple, you can see three or four houses. The largest one is a single courtyard with no special architectural style. At first glance, it is a farmyard with an estimated area of 70 or 80 square meters. But after entering, it was found that there were two ashes boxes in them, which were not inhabitants. A cedar tree was planted in the courtyard, which reminds people that it is a place for funeral and burial.

An ashes hall has been built for several years.

On the opposite side, there was another similar building, no yard, but two stone lions were built in the doorway. Facing the house is a cement-sealed tomb. It is known that this 10-square-meter house also stores ashes.

On the top of the hill behind Songyun Temple, there is a larger group of ghost houses where there are relatively few people. There are seven or eight large-scale houses on the hill. The eaves are basically the same height as the ordinary villagershouses. The area is basically thirty or forty square meters, with a rain shed in front of the door. Only when approaching can we find that there is no kitchen in the hall, and there are many empty boxes of firecrackers left in the yard when sweeping the grave. Some have tombstones left in front of their doors. It is said that the owner of the house has placed the ashes of his relatives in the house.

A large ashes hall on the barren hill.

Looking around, there are more than ten similar buildings scattered on the top of the hill. Beautiful Gables are also built along the wall. The height of the Gables is 56 meters and the momentum is extraordinary.

For those who first step into this area, looking at the scattered houses, they really think they have entered a village.

Most of the collective land occupied has been built in recent years.

According to people familiar with the situation, because the barren hills are useless, some villagers set their relativesgraves here. In recent years, a new custom of building memorial halls has arisen.

Modern Express reporter learned from many villagers that there was no such custom here before. The reason why villagers compete for construction is that there is a wind of comparison. In addition, some people said that, not excluding the local future demolition, some villagers borrowed the name of ancestors to seek the interests of demolition.

A newly built ashes hall on the barren hill.

Now that the living standard of villagers is high, we can see that some people have set up such a magnificent Memorial Hall and follow the trend. According to the modern express reporter, Shiqiao has many surnames, such as Teng, Di and Liu. Some of these memorials were built by families, some by families.

Whats more, some old family members have not died yet, and they have built memorial halls ahead of time.

What a waste of land! Insiders said that a large house, only a few ashes boxes, occupying dozens of square meters, which should be placed in the cemetery, can also be considered a luxury cemetery. But here, it has become the door face of the surrounding villagers competing to invest in construction, which is contrary to civilized funerals ah!

Modern Express reporters see that in some memorial halls, there are also hanging doors such as Jings Memorial Hall, Shengs and Shijia. Because of the excessive volume of monomers, the whole hilltop seems to have been basically occupied.

During the interview, many villagers also rushed to the scene. They were very vigilant about the arrival of media reporters and city management team members. At the scene, the reporter saw a memorial hall half built. It is understood that it was built overnight on the 16th night. The administrator of the urban management grid of Xingdian Street said that specific villagers will be found to properly handle the matter.

An ashes hall under construction.

A deputy director of Gaomiao Community in Xingdian Street said that the villagers occupied collective land and there should be no relevant procedures at present. We will further verify the construction procedures. It is also hoped that villagers will demolish themselves. If they do not demolish themselves, communities and streets will come out to help demolish them.

As for demolition, a person in charge of Xingdian Street said that there was no news about demolition at present, and the ashes hall suspected of illegal construction could not be compensated for demolition like a house.

Municipal Funeral Reform: Immediate Reform and Strengthening Guidance

Tao Sihai, director of Nanjing Municipal Funeral Reform Office, rushed to the scene. He believed that the first problem was that it should not be buried privately; the second was that it should not be buried privately, but also build luxurious ashes hall, which ran counter to the concept of saving resources and changing customs advocated by the national funeral reform.

He said that the phenomenon should be rectified immediately and the city will be supervised and guided.

It is reported that the construction of the ashes hall is actually a funeral reform direction advocated at present. According to Article 11 of Jiangsu Provincial Measures for Funeral and Funeral Administration, It is forbidden to bury ashes in coffins and burials. Ash disposal should occupy as little or no land as possible. The main ways are as follows: burying the grave in the flat ground deep without leaving the grave; storing it in the ashes hall, the ashes wall, the ashes tower; burying it in the cemetery or replacing the grave with trees; scattering it into rivers, lakes and seas, except in the drinking water source area; other ways permitted by law.

However, the ashes hall mentioned above is not an ashes hall built by villagers illegally and without authorization, but a place for centralized storage of ashes built by the government in accordance with the procedures of planning, land and construction.

At present, Nanjing has been piloted in Lishui. Each street has built an ashes hall, which can accommodate at least thousands of ashes boxes for the local villagers to memorize.

Chen Qingyong, head of the Social Affairs Section of Pukou District Civil Affairs Bureau, said that land resources were becoming increasingly scarce and cemeteries were no longer available, but villagers should not bury in private, but advocate civilized funerals and conserve resources. It is understood that the district and streets are also considering ways to improve the situation. At present, there is a cemetery in Xingdian Street that can be relocated, but there is no ashes hall. Erlongshan cemetery in Pukou has an ashes hall, but far away, they will do more villagerswork, change their ideas and move the ashes to Erlongshan cemetery and other places.

In addition, Xingdian is also planning to build a funeral park, including funeral parlors and ashes hall. In the future, for residents in the region, it will be possible to sweep tombs nearby.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Wang Zheng_N7526