Are there wildlife in Shenzhen seafood market? Manager: Shopkeepers cheat customers

 Are there wildlife in Shenzhen seafood market? Manager: Shopkeepers cheat customers

Nandu reporters visited the scene on December 17. At first, shopkeepers said there were game sales such as water chickens, turtledoves and big white cranes. When the reporter identified himself, the other side called the birds taken and released. Fuyong seafood market managers said there was no wildlife in the market. Shopkeepers say there is wild in order to collect high prices and deceive consumers.

Citizens suspect that there are vendors selling wildlife

Ms. Lin is a cat lover. She said that on December 16, she rescued a cat and, in the process of adoption, she missed the Fuyong Seafood Market because she was not familiar with the road. When she went into the market, she heard the cats cry. Ms. Lin followed the sound and found several shops selling cats. There are four shops selling cats. Ms. Lin said that as a member of a stray cat rescue organization, she was really blind. Desiring to report to the relevant departments, but helplessly emotional overcame rationality, he spent a lot of money to buy 11 cats.

From the video provided by Ms. Lin, we can know that a cat is about 170 yuan, and it needs 20 yuan if it is killed now. When Ms. Lin sent the rescue video to the group, some friends pointed out that there were also suspected wildlife on sale. Some look like koalas, some look like wombats, and those turtles. Ms. Lin said.

Is it true, as Ms. Lin said, that cats were slaughtered at the Fuyong Seafood Market and wildlife were being sold? On December 17, journalists from Nandu made an unannounced visit as consumers.

The shopkeeper initially said there were wild birds for sale, and later said, Take them and let them go.

In the Fuyong Seafood Market, Nandu reporters found that in a corner, there were four shops, as Ms. Lin said, selling cats. In addition to cats, snakes, bamboo rats and other animals that do not know their names are also found in these four stores.

In one of the stores, the owner said the cat cost 170 yuan. If journalists need it, they can kill it right away. In another store, the salesman said there were animals such as wild beavers, and if the reporter had other tastes, there were also some birds. There are pheasants, ducks, water chickens, and turtledoves, Big White Cranes. The person said. When the reporter asked where the Great White Crane was, the officer said, You want me to take it out. It is forbidden to sell and confiscated. Its forbidden. Its put away.

After a visit, Nandu reporters found that several shops in the market were suspected of selling wildlife. In an alley behind the market, there are live ducks, black water chickens and other birds (birds) as well as bamboo rats and other animals along the street. In a house, a large number of poultry are stored.

Nandu reporters reported the incident to the relevant departments. The staff of Fuyong Branch of Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau arrived at the scene quickly to check the licenses of several ports concerned. Reporters are also at this time to show their identity to the vendor.

In the face of the reporters inquiry, the woman who just called Big White Crane for sale said, The bird has been taken and released.

Staff of the Bureau of Market Supervision said that because no slaughter was found on the spot, whether to sell wildlife needed to be identified by forest public security departments and other departments. The reporter immediately dialed the forest public security telephone. Staff members said that law enforcement is only aimed at selling animals protected by the state. Whether the three possessions in the market belong to wildlife should be inspected by comprehensive street law enforcement departments.

Fuyong Seafood Market Manager: The archivist said wild is to raise prices

Regarding Ms. Lins questions and what Nandu reporters saw on the spot, a manager of Fuyong Seafood Market said that things that are not allowed to be sold must not be allowed to enter the market, while the sale of wildlife is explicitly prohibited in Fuyong Seafood Market. He (the stallholder) who breeds himself should say wild. Thats a little higher. Its not good to cheat consumers. The manager said they had caught selling farmed animals as wild animals.

In the case of live birds and birds in the lanes outside the market, the manager said that outside the market is not market management. We cant control it. We have also reflected it to the street law enforcement departments, which has certain effect.

At noon on December 17, Fuyong Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team went to Fuyong Seafood Market and the back alley of the market to conduct an exploration. According to the law enforcement team, illegal poultry raising was found in Fuxin District near the Fuyong Seafood Market. In accordance with Article 50 of the Regulations on the Administration of Municipal Appearance and Environmental Hygiene of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, law enforcement teams confiscate illegally raised poultry and birds, and arrange personnel to strengthen inspection to prevent a return to tide.

Reporters will take animal photos in the market and send them to relevant professionals for identification. According to the professionals, most of these animals belong to the Three Habits and no protected animals have been found. However, the sale of such animals requires a Land Wildlife Management and Utilization License to prove that it is an artificial breeding and legal source.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily