Today, there is a long queue outside ofo headquarters in Beijing. Everyone is asking for money.

 Today, there is a long queue outside ofo headquarters in Beijing. Everyone is asking for money.

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Reimbursement from Beijing ofo Headquarters (Source:)

Reimbursement from Beijing Offo Headquarters (00:51)

The crisis-ridden shared bicycle brand ofo has lined up hundreds of users outside its headquarters in Beijing to register for deposit refunds.

On December 17, a reporter from the Peng Mei News ( saw hundreds of ofo users queuing to register at the new headquarters of the Internet Finance Center in Haidian District, Beijing, and security and police were on the spot maintaining order.

According to the on-site security, someone came to the company at 8 oclock this morning. Pengchao reporters saw that ofos office is located on the fifth floor of the building, and staff set up checkpoints on the first floor, putting about 15 people into the elevator at a time, the process is slow.

Around 14 p.m., the registered users told the surging journalists, ofo said that the deposit and balance will be returned to Alipay within three days after registration.

But most people are suspicious. Thats what they say. Who knows? User representations.

It is understood that these users came because of reports that ofo headquarters in Beijing can refund deposit, and on-site refund smoothly. It is reported that the deposit of ofo users is generally 199 yuan or 99 yuan, plus account balance, more than 200 yuan. Customer service can not be contacted, we applied for a month or two, and did not withdraw from the scene before coming. Users say so.

Reporters saw young mothers queuing with baby carriages, as well as elderly people queuing for their wives or family members. In the afternoon, the queue of deposit refund crowds had already filled the ground floor Square of Beijing Internet Financial Center, and the queue had already lined up on the nearby streets.

The ofo deposit is normally refundable. Users can apply on their own at the app end and arrive at the account in 0-15 working days. We have registered users who have applied for refund of deposit more than 15 working days overdue and will re-verify that there is no on-site refund of deposit. Offo said.

Around 17 p.m., on-site staff said that due to the large number of queues, the off-duty time was extended to 22 p.m.

On December 16, the previous day, the Beijing Youth Daily reported that at the ofo Xiaohuangche headquarters of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Building in Beijing, some individuals or the whole family came out to refund the deposit on the spot quickly and smoothly. However, due to the long distance, the refund processing time is arranged in the working day, or many citizens chose to give up. The online deposit refund still needs to wait 15 working days.

At present, ofo, which has been unable to determine its future direction, is facing increasing operational pressures, especially as a large number of users concentrate on refunding deposits, how long ofo can support remains unknown.

It is worth mentioning that on the morning of December 17, when visiting the ideal International Building of Beijing headquarters before ofo, the surging journalist learned that the ofo side still owed the express delivery fee of about 1000 yuan to the Shunfeng courier who was responsible for the express business of the building. I also asked them for several times, but they didnt want to come. The courier told reporters.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279