Evening paper | ofo deposit refund in order of application to decide bankruptcy liquidation

 Evening paper | ofo deposit refund in order of application to decide bankruptcy liquidation

For ofo users queuing for deposit refund, ofo Xiaohuang Chefa announced that since December 18, 2018, all users who apply for deposit refund online in app will check and collect relevant information according to the order of application submission. After verification, users will enter the deposit refund sequence, and ofo will refund in order. [Link to the original

Media: Weilai needs to sell 200,000 ES6 vehicles a year to achieve break-even.

Weilai needs to sell 160,000 ES8 cars a year to achieve break-even, and 200,000 cars a year to replace it with a cheaper ES6. (First Finance and Economics) [Link

Dong Mingzhus cry for the real economy: young people cant all shake their voices

Although Millets cell phone and Grees air conditioning look similar, in fact, Lei Juns bet with Dong Mingzhu is a contest between the two modes. As one of the spokesmen of the real economy, Dong Mingzhu still spares no effort to shout for the manufacturing industry in various occasions. (Tiger Sniffing Network) [link

Jingdong Digital Technology Holding Stock Reduced to the Second Largest Shareholder than Changing Liu Qiangdong

According to Tian Eye Check data, Jingdong Digital Technology Holdings has recently updated its ownership structure, and Liu Qiangdong, a legal person, has changed its ownership from 16.67% to 14.02%, becoming the second largest shareholder. (36 krypton) [link

Jin Li denied ruling on bankruptcy and liquidation, and Shenzhen Intermediate Court ruled on accepting applications.

The court officially ruled that Jinli was bankrupt, according to news circulated online on the evening of the 17th. Jinli responded that: the court accepted the bankruptcy liquidation application, not ruling on bankruptcy liquidation, but is still the direction of bankruptcy reorganization. (First Finance and Economics) [Link

ZTE: Prepared for the 5G Construction of China Mobile

Chen Zhiping, head of ZTEs wireless solutions, said recently that ZTE is ready for full commercial support in 5G network architecture, regardless of whether China Mobile chooses SA (independent networking) or NSA (non-independent networking). (Securities Times) [link

Live Answer: The Founder of App Died: Only 35 Years Old or Overdosed

Colin Kroll, co-founder of the live answer application HQTrivia and short video application Vine, was found dead in his New York apartment at the weekend at the age of 35, The Verge reported. [Link to the original

Foreign Media: Sino-US Competition 5G, French and German Operators or Preventing China from ZTE

Bloomberg reported that after the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand banned Huaweis network infrastructure products and Germany stepped up censorship, France is now entering an unfriendly situation with Huawei. (Reference Messaging Network) [Link to the original

Cydia stores may be closed, and the era of the iPhone jailbreak is over

According to foreign media 9to5mac, Jay Freeman, the father of Cydia (also known as Saurik), posted a message on the Reddit Forum on Friday that he hoped to close the Cydia store completely by the end of this year, and that he was considering putting forward the plan (by the end of this week) after receiving the bug report, and that he would publish a more formal statement post next week. (Aifaner) [Link to the original

Weilai ES8 Accident Response: Front compartment absorbs collision energy without ejecting balloon

Recently, in the course of driving, Weilai ES8 car owners inadvertently drove onto the roadbed and hit the lamp post in front of the car head. From the appearance, the damage is serious. However, Weilai officials gave a preliminary judgment: the collapse structure of the ES8 front cabin played a design function, absorbing collision energy, in such a case the airbag does not need to pop up. [Link to the original