Professor Dai Jianye, Nethong: He was abandoned by hundreds of forums because of poor Putonghua.

 Professor Dai Jianye, Nethong: He was abandoned by hundreds of forums because of poor Putonghua.

In Guizi Mountain of Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Central China Normal University (hereinafter referred to as Central China Normal University) is immersed in the noise of rain and the city. The closer we approach the small building of the Academy of Literature, the more we can feel the envelope of the surrounding towering trees. The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves and refreshes the spleen with poetry.

What is a good teacher? Dai Jianye, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Literature, Central China Normal University, believes that university teachers should first concentrate on scientific research, and secondly on teaching. Teaching is very important, but if you do not have a deep understanding of poets and works, the teaching of classical literature will not work well.

Dai Jianye, who has passed the age of flower armor, wears jeans and tourist shoes all day long, and wears a casual costume. He gets up around seven oclock every morning. If there is no class schedule on that day, he begins to read and write after washing, and goes to bed after one oclock in the morning.

Dai Jianye

The old mans life was apparently not disturbed by his sudden fame.

In October this year, Dai Jianyes video of explaining ancient poems and essays to students was uploaded to the Internet and quickly attracted a wide audience. After his video of explaining Tang poetry was uploaded to the short video platform, the daily click volume quickly exceeded 20 million.

The strong Hubei dialect, humorous language style and deep teaching content make him called a mudslide in the classroom by many netizens.

I have always positioned myself as an ordinary university teacher who cant speak Mandarin. Recently, Dai Jianye was interviewed by a surging journalist in the Classical Literature Teaching and Research Department of the College of Literature, Central China Normal University. There are always people who say I have an interesting soul right now, but if I watch short videos, it will misunderstand me, he confessed.

Looking back on his way to study and to be a teacher, Dai Jianyes sense of humor is the result of his positive attitude towards life, including his unexpected popularity on the Internet. He feels that his life is full of many coincidences. He is the first batch of college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977. He devotes himself to classical literature, but he loves mathematics and once taught himself Primary Algebra and Primary Algebra in high school. If he could change his major in elementary geometry, he said he would not have studied liberal arts at that time.

In the era of net red, the backward wave pushes forward. What if out of breath?

Ive already prepared my mind. If I dont become popular, Ill think more calmly. If I become too popular, I wont be able to be calm. Dai Jianye believes that the less attention a person receives, the deeper his thoughts will be. The more attention he receives, the more impetuous he will be.

Childhood haze

In the south of early winter, after the rain, it is cold. At the end of November in Wuhan, a city along the Yangtze River, vapor condenses into mist and interweaves with rainwater into a hazy land.

The campus of Huazhong Normal University, located under Guizi Mountain in Hongshan District of Wuhan City, has also begun to show signs of winter. The three-storey office building of the Academy of Literature of Central China Normal University is one of them.

Dai Jianye

Dai Jianye, 62, is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the College of Literature, Huazhong Normal University. He is the leader of ancient literature.

Born in the rural area of Macheng, Hubei, his initial impression of Huazhong Normal University was that he had been told that there was a dome building on the campus of Huazhong Normal University (the predecessor of Huazhong Normal University). He entered the school with unlimited imagination of the building.

Later, I was told that there was no dome house in the school. Dai Jianye was admitted to this school by chance.

After graduating from University for more than 30 years, he lamented that the word coincidence could almost sum up his life.

Dai Jianye lived under his fathers stick in his childhood. His father was an intellectual who grew up in the old society. Like many parents now, his fathers desire for Jackie Chan was extremely urgent. He attached great importance to the cultural education of Dai Jianyes brothers and taught them to read, write and read at an early age.

Fathers most commonly used method of education is fist, only occasionally change to a slap, father hit his body parts are relatively fixed, hit his head the most comfortable, only after the mother protested, mercifully to spank, just recite the multiplication formula, Dai Jianye did not know how many beatings.

His way of education made me very disgusted with learning. In primary school, Dai Jianye was in his fathers magic palm every day and had no interest in any books. When I was young, I was very playful and liked fighting, but because I was thin and short, I always lost, but I didnt seem to regret it very much. I was interested in fighting.

During the period from Dai Jianye Primary School to Junior High School, it happened that Dai Jianye was in the period of Cultural Revolution.

Man is a very strange animal. When nobody forces me to study, I like to learn instead. When I dont read, I want to read instead. Dai Jianye recalled that he helped the production team to record the work hours and the accountants to distribute the rice. He gradually learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Unconsciously, he fell in love with mathematics.

Every time he returned from work, he studied elementary school arithmetic and junior high school mathematics at home alone. In the latter part of junior high school, his math achievements have been quite outstanding. After high school, Ruan Chaozhen, a math teacher, and her husband were both graduates of Huazhong Normal University. Ruan Chaozhen saw that Dai Jianye liked to ponder math problems and gave him two books, Primary Algebra and Primary Geometry.

At that time, the basic education level of the counties in Huanggang District of Hubei Province was relatively high. There were many teachers graduated from Central China Normal University in a rural middle school. One day, the school organized a school-wide math competition. Dai Jianye won the third place among more than 2000 high school students. The Red Happy News was posted at the school gate.

The top three students who won the prize in the math contest were admitted to university after they resumed the college entrance examination in 1977.

Anecdote of college entrance examination

Dai Jianye, who taught himself elementary algebra and elementary geometry in high school, happened to embark on the literary road because of a disgraceful honor.

One day in the early 1970s, a teacher who teaches Dai Jianyes biology class thought that his poems were neat in form and neat and beautiful in big-character newspapers. The teacher wanted Dai Jianye to write poems. At that time, Dai Jianye ran into the school reading room, found that there were no books in the reading room, only some newspapers, he copied three poems in different newspapers, which changed a few words.

As a result, these poems were highly praised by school teachers and students after they were posted. They all praised Jianye for his poems are well written and his sense of vanity made him think that writing poems is a wonderful thing.

What surprised him even more was that he later sent these three poems to a local tabloid in Wuhan, which was published in full. It was totally fearless of the ignorant. At that time, some local leaders praised me and said that I was talented. After this incident, I dare not say that these poems were copied.

Chinas education experienced a warm winter in 1977. At the end of that year, about 5.7 million young people returned to the college entrance examination hall. Colleges and universities selected 273,000 students from which Dai Jianye was one of them. In order to become a poet, he applied to the Chinese Department of Central China Normal University.

Dai Jianye soon lost interest in writing poetry when he entered college.

First of all, he was angry about the fact that there was no dome building in Huazhong Normal College. Moreover, the state attached great importance to students of grade 1977. At that time, the university had not changed their major. But at that time, he put forward to the head teacher Liu Xingze that he was studying in the Chinese Department very painfully and wanted to drop out, but the head teacher disagreed.

Dai Jianye even wrote a letter to his mother in the countryside saying that he wanted to quit school and retake the exam next year. My mother was so anxious at that time that she wrote that when she came out of college, people admired her and complimented her. If I dropped out of school, she would not live in the diving pool without facial expression. Dai Jianye was frightened when he saw the letter. He quickly wrote back to his mother and said, Mom, I wont quit school. Ill read it all the time.

After reading a lot of books and poems, Dai Jianye gradually became interested in ancient poetry. His dream after graduation is not to become a poet, but to study poetry.

Local accent

The reason for choosing to take postgraduate entrance exams stems from a blow during college internship.

My internship was terrible. Dai Jianye recalled that he was teaching in a middle school at that time. Because of the strong dialect pronunciation, the students could not understand his Mandarin. After teaching for more than a semester, some parents came to the school leaders and complained that if Xiao Dai taught his children, their children would not come to school.

This made Dai Jianye afraid to teach in high school and decided to pursue his postgraduate studies. He still feels insecure about his common language. Although more than 30 years later, when Chinas Internet entered the era of Internet Red, Dai Jianye became popular because of his personal accent, and he could not hide the phrase Did you understand it when he was teaching and lecturing.

How afraid he was that others would not understand what he was talking about.

After graduation, Dai Jianye returned to Huazhong Normal University to work. At that time, the graduate students were highly valued by the school leaders. The school arranged Dai Jianye to give lectures in the cadre class of Hubei province.

He also remembered that on the first day he had lectured all morning, and there was no sound in the whole classroom. By the time of the second lecture, the leaders of the Chinese Department of the school all came to listen to him.

I thought at first that it was because I was good at my lecture, but I didnt know until I finished that those cadres said they didnt understand a word and didnt know what I was talking about! After this attack, Dai Jianye began to study Putonghua seriously. He won the first place in the selection of the first graduate student of Huazhong Normal University as a good mentor in my mind, and gradually became one of the most popular teachers in the school. His class was always full of popularity.

Many years ago, CCTVs Lectures of Hundred Schools program had approached him and recorded a video for him. He was talking about Tao Yuanming and Lao Tzu, but the program group thought that he did not speak well, and also said that his common language did not pass the mark.

I still hope to speak Putonghua well, so I am constantly learning. If any of my classmates say that I have mispronounced one word in class, I am not only disgusted, but also very happy. I cant pronounce it myself. I also ask my classmates to help me read it. Although Dai Jianye is now quite popular with students, in the bottom of his heart, he still thinks that he does not speak Mandarin well.

I prefer to write. To be practical, I write more interesting and interesting than I do. He said.

The joy of writing

Dai Jianye prefers writing.

This is reflected in his repeated emphasis on catching up with the good times of the Internet. Remembering his connection with the Internet, blogging was his starting point.

About seven or eight years ago, Professor Zhang Sanxi of Huazhong Normal University happened to talk to Dai Jianye about his blog on Sina. At that time, Dai Jianye did not know what the blog was, so he went online to read it. The strange world behind the Internet door made him feel the power of writing.

Since 2011, Dai Jianye has written a large number of social comments and cultural essays on the Internet, sometimes with more than 10,000 words on the commentary sheet, and won the title of Top Ten Cultural Bloggers on a blog website. He said Chai Jing, a famous host, won the honor at the same time.

Dai Jianye believes that a university teacher should pay attention to the social phenomena around him. He always wants to tell more truth, especially when he writes some educational essays. He hopes that Chinas education will be better and better. Today, he still insists on publishing articles on various network platforms.

On the other hand, he has published a large number of books and articles: he has published 10 academic monographs, such as Clear Land - Tao Yuanmings New Theory, Literature Textual Research and Literary Interpretation, and published Look, this world! If someone deceives me, Anything is Possible and so on. Six essays have been published. More than 80 papers have been published in such magazines as Literature and Art Research, Literary Review, Chinese Literature and History Series, Reading, and more than 400 essays have been published in various newspapers and magazines.

A Clear Realm: Tao Yuanmings New Theory

Dai Jianye mentioned his academic research experience as a university professor in the Postscript of the Second Edition of Clear Realm-Tao Yuanmings New Theory. He wrote, In the 1980s and 1990s, various academic trends and methods in the West flooded into China like floodgates, and I embarked on the road of teaching and learning in the hot cultural atmosphere of this method.

Dai Jianye hopes that through the classical Chinese poetry, he can really enter the spiritual world of the Chinese nation and analyze the spiritual phenomena of the Chinese nation. For this reason, he systematically read the works of people in Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, Li Bai and Su Dongpo. He perceived that their thoughts, beliefs and emotional expressions were different. Through these investigations, he wanted to trace back the cultural background of their life realm and the national cultural foundation behind them through the different aspects of the spiritual world of the ancients.

It is precisely because of such a strong research background that Dai Jianyes reputation as a lecturer spread throughout the country from the top of Guizi Mountain in the future.

Examine Net Red

In October this year, Dai Jianyes video of explaining ancient poems and essays to students was posted on the Internet and quickly attracted a wide audience. His strong Hubei dialect, humorous and witty language and deep content made him known as a mudslide in the classroom by netizens.

On the short video platform, Dai Jianye said, The first sentence (Tao Yuanming) is very grand. You think hes good at planting beans in the South mountain. Suddenly, he said that grass is abundant and beans are sparse, and there are ghost fields planted. If I were at this level, I would never write poems...

Re-examining the experience of Net Red clearly adds a layer of concern to the old man who is over the age of flower armor.

Now there are always people who say I have an interesting soul, but maybe just watching short videos will misunderstand me. Dai Jianye believes that if his short video can stimulate peoples enthusiasm for learning classical poetry and ancient culture, its certainly not a bad thing. But he found that besides praise, there are numerous untried reports accompanying him. Most of these articles are about others or described directly through online videos, and some misunderstandings are caused to him by falsehood. It must be a problem.

Regarding the teaching style, Dai Jianye said that his Putonghua is not his conscious pursuit of speaking poorly, but he does not speak well. As long as there is no communication barrier, you are what kind of is what kind, do not need to pose, I do not know what good teaching methods, do not know how to lecture, as long as students like the way I lecture, I have been saying so.

He believes that lectures should be like writing articles, with a personal style. He does not want anyone to learn from him and imitate him. Russell said that polymorphism is the source of happiness.

As for the sense of humor, Dai Jianye said that he did not consciously pursue humor, but his style of speaking was the same. Whether there is a sense of humor in the teaching of poetry and ancient literature, whether it is funny or not, is it humorous or not, which is related to personal character. I never liked to talk solemnly when I was young, not intentionally.

In the course of teaching, Dai Jianye will first explain the meaning of the poem at the literal level, and make the students immerse themselves in the scene with the strong sense of language and content. Secondly, he will make theoretical analysis and artistic analysis. The short videos are all a small part of my description of the scene, which is more interesting.

Dai Jianye is obviously familiar with the routine of the Internet. He admitted that many scholars are very good, but the way they speak is different, some people are not funny or have no sense of humor. Dai Jianye hopes that when a young friend listens to a teacher who has no sense of humor, he will not turn around and leave immediately. Maybe the teacher has his insights and insights. He needs to endure learning and make great efforts.

After the hubbub

Dai Jianye, 62, still rides his bicycle through the Jingjing campus of Huazhong Normal University after the noise of the Internets popularity. The trees on both sides of Guizhong Road are always there. Broad leaves rise and fall with the season.

He still gets up at about seven oclock every morning. If he doesnt schedule classes in the morning and afternoon, he begins to read and write after washing. He mostly read ancient poems, sometimes English books, and occasionally took a nap. At night, he was still reading, and did not go to bed until after one oclock in the morning.

As the leader of ancient literature, Dai Jianye is busy compiling a series of ancient literature research books. He is also responsible for the construction of the first-class subject popular reading in the College of Literature, training middle school Chinese teachers and participating in community speeches.

Dai Jianye believes that such a state of no fire is the normal life.

Nobody can be a hot spot for a long time in this era. I think Im hot enough. I dont worry about what to do if its not hot in the future, because Im not hot in the past. Hot, is accident, not hot, is normal.

No matter how changeable the hotspots of the Internet are, Dai Jianye always acts without surprise. His orientation is ordinary university teachers who cant speak Mandarin.

As always, I am me. Dai Jianye revealed that if his health permits, he intends to spend a year or two to finish some courses to be published on the Internet, and publish all the lectures in writing. After synchronizing with the online courses, he is ready to retire formally. At present, there is no re-employment plan.

He is going to buy an apartment in a pleasant climate. He will move all his books to a pleasant place where he can read, write, play and spend his old age safely. I will stop teaching in college one day, but I will certainly not stop reading and writing books.

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