Mane sneaked a Lukaku referee whistle in the restricted area: offside!

 Mane sneaked a Lukaku referee whistle in the restricted area: offside!

In the 4th minute of the match, Mane got a free kick from the left of the front court. At this time, Mane was in charge of defending Lukaku. The Belgian centre-forward was in the position of the restricted area. At the moment when Manchester United passed the ball into the restricted area, Mane pushed Lukaku hard and pushed the Belgian centre-forward to the offside position directly.

Later, Lukaku got the ball in the penalty area and pushed it in with one left foot. However, at this time, the flag of the linesman was raised. Lukaku was ruled offside first, and the goal was invalid naturally.

From the slow motion replay, in the moment Lukaku shot, the Liverpool players raised their hands neatly to indicate that the Little Warcraft was offside, and the final referee also ruled that the goal was invalid.

Manet gave Lukaku a push, and then the referee blew offside.

Of course, Lukaku is still very wronged, was pushed to offside position by Manet, it was difficult to score a goal, but also sentenced invalid. It is worth mentioning that Lukaku touched the ball 20 times in the game, but did not shoot once. Although he shot once, it was ineffective, which is also the worst data of the Belgian star in the Premier League career.

Mayne, on the other hand, might have been cool after plotting against Lukaku, and then he helped the Reds score a goal, which was the winner of the team. However, some fans joked that if Neymar was pushed by Manet, who secretly plotted who could not say, maybe Manet would get a red card!