Inventory of Top Ten Reversal News Events in 2018: Yueqing Lost Couplet Boys on the List

 Inventory of Top Ten Reversal News Events in 2018: Yueqing Lost Couplet Boys on the List

In the era of information explosion, everyone can voice, and the amplification effect of the network on sound is amazing. Often when a news event occurs, the public is easily misled by some voices, so when the truth becomes clear, it is more prone to reverse events.

Next, Ill take you to take an inventory of some events happened this year.

1. Yueqing Boys Impacting the Network

On November 30, Wenzhou woman Chen Mou called the police and said that her son had lost his connection on the way home from school. The family was very anxious. The father of the boy offered a reward of 500,000 for clues to the society. Please help me forward more.

The news of Yueqing boys disappearance has touched the hearts of netizens all over the country, and netizens have been forwarding messages hoping to help find the boy. Local relevant departments and public welfare organizations also devoted themselves to the search work for the first time.

During this period, the Internet has been circulating such statements as boys were killed, organs were cut off, abducted and sold, do not want to make up for classes to run away from home and so on, which also makes the national netizens always hang a heart.

On December 5, the good news came and the boy found it. Whats the matter, the truth of the matter makes netizens shocked.

Police report that the boy was concealed by his mother Chen Mou. She communicated with the child in advance and provided car keys, food and so on. It is reported that after the emotional dispute between Chen Mou and his husband who is engaged in foreign business, in order to test whether the husband cares about and attaches importance to his son, he deliberately planned and created the false alarm.

2. Chongqing Bus Incident

On October 28, a bus crashed into a car on the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wanzhou, Chongqing, killing 15 people. Frontal video shows that the bus suddenly crosses the solid line and collides with a car running in the opposite direction. The car is struck and rotated 180 degrees.

At first, some netizens reported that the accident was caused by the car retrograde. Others said that the female driver wore high-heeled shoes while driving. Soon, a picture of the female driver who was allegedly photographed at the scene of the accident spread wildly on the internet. The female driver, high-heeled shoes, retrograde, these keywords came out. On the internet, there was almost a curse against the female driver. The Tucao is also coming.

Graph self network

Two days later (October 30), a breakthrough was made in rescue and rescue work, and the causes of the accident came to light.

According to the Peoples Daily, according to the facts of the investigation, during the bus ride, passenger Liu Mu and bus driver Ran Mu, who were driving, had an assault that caused the vehicle to lose control, resulting in the collision between the vehicle and the car that was driving normally in the opposite direction and falling into the river, causing heavy casualties.

3. The College Entrance Examination Answer Card was lost

At the end of July, four parents from Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Zhoukou and other cities said that the scores of the four children in this years college entrance examination were seriously inconsistent with their previous scores and after the college entrance examination. They suspected that their childrens answer cards had been transferred and reported in real name to the relevant administrators of Henan college entrance examination office that they had abused their power, organized cheating in examinations, and colluded inside and outside.

Su Hong, the parents of the examinees from Zhoukou City, said that her daughter scored 335 points in this years college entrance examination, while her usual test scores were around 600 points, and her college entrance examination evaluation score was above 627 points. Another parent said that after checking the answer card under her name, her daughter insisted that it was not her own answer.

After the news broke out, netizens expressed their anger one after another, and the incident also caused heated discussion on the Internet, and many times boarded the hot search.

On August 11, the website of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection published the results of the survey: there is no phenomenon of artificial transfer of test papers and answer cards.

In addition, after strict examination and approval, four candidates or parents have checked the original answer cards of their college entrance examination subjects. Among them, examinee Li Moumou and his parents acknowledge that the answer card is the examinees handwriting, confirm that the answer card has not been transferred, and voluntarily give up handwriting identification. The other three candidates or parents asked for handwriting identification. The conclusion of the identification was that they were all written by themselves, and there was no phenomenon of imitating handwriting to reply and transfer.

4. The Death of Wang Fengyas Children

In mid-May, Wang Fengya, a 12-and-a-half-year-old girl from Taikang County, Henan Province, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and her mother, Yang Meiqin, went to Beijing High-end Private Hospital to treat her sons rabbit lip instead of treating her daughter, whose eyeballs had come out of her eyes after receiving a donation of 150,000 yuan. On May 4, 2018, Wang Fengya, less than three years old, died. ,

The article also questioned that the hospital Yang Meiqin took her son to is very tall and looks like a high-end private or foreign-funded hospital. Cleft lip and palate is not a complicated operation, and has entered into the medical insurance system including urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance. Is it not more time-saving and labor-saving to treat cleft lip and palate with local medical insurance?

This article quickly ferments on the network, and gets many large Vs transfer and diffusion. Netizens have also accused Yang Meiqin of defrauding donations, abusing and abandoning treatment.

With the involvement of local police, media and other relevant agencies, the incident reversed. Many people deny the statement that the explosive material came from the media.

1. Wang Fengyas family launched two online fund-raising campaigns through water droplets. The total amount of fund-raising was more than 38,000 yuan, not 150,000 yuan. At present, the remaining 1301 yuan has been handed over to the relevant government departments.

2. The fund-raising has not been misappropriated. It has been used to treat Fengyas disease and has done its best within the scope of its ability.

Doctors also responded that Yang Meiqins family did not value boys over girls, and her family never gave up treatment.

On September 4, Yang Meiqin, Wang Fengyas mother, sued Chen Lan in the Minhang District Peoples Court of Shanghai for infringement of his reputation. On that day, the court had filed a case.

Fifth, cousins take the place of University

At the end of November, Huang Haixia, a woman in Changge City, Henan Province, caused public concern by her cousin Huang Fenglings ten-year hard study at a cold window and being impersonated by her cousin Huang Fengling as a substitute for the normal school. Both Huang Haixia and Huang Fengling kept arguing about who exams on earth and provided evidence in turn.

Huang Fenglings husband, Zhang Baocheng, provided a handwritten certificate written by his classmates and teachers who took part in the exam at that time, referring to Huang Fengling who took part in the exam in 1993. At the same time, relatives from the same village provided proof that Huang Haixia had dropped out of school in the second half of 1992 and went with her father and sister to the Ganghe market in Zhengzhou to sell pork.

Huang Haixia said that she had taken the 1993 exam and thought she had failed. She went to sell pork in October 1993.

On November 29, Huang Fengling was interviewed by Pengfeng News. She introduced that her school status was borrowed from Huang Haixia, but she did take the 1993 exam herself. And recalled the exam place, exam subjects, leading teachers, Hotel and other details.

On the same day, in an interview, Huang Haixia said she could not remember the time, subjects, location, accommodation and hotel of the entrance examination in 1993. The names of the classmates, the names of the teachers and the subjects reviewed in the third year of junior high school are also not remembered. But insist on 498 marks is my exam.

Immediately after the incident broke out, Changge City set up a joint investigation team composed of the Municipal Discipline Commission Supervision Committee, public security, education and other departments to conduct an in-depth investigation of the matter. According to the preliminary investigation and verification, Huang Fengling took the place of Huang Haixias name in the entrance exam and falsely used her name. After verification, Huang Fenglings entrance examination results were obtained by herself.

The Education Department has suspended Huang Fengling from her post for falsely using her school status.

6. Deyang Female Doctor Suicide

On August 22, a number of big Vs on Weibo forwarded a video from the media. The title of the video was Suspected because his wife was hit while swimming, and the man hit the child in the swimming pool.

Monitoring video streaming on the Internet showed that at 19:44 on the same day, after seeing his wife, Anyingyan, collide with others, his husband swam over quickly, grabbed a boy and pushed him down. After the boy came out of the water, he slapped the boy again. Short videos, complete event restoration, clear standpoint, let this matter once boarded the microblog hot search, do not understand the whole process of the incident netizens were led one-sided to choose to support the beaten boy.

After police mediation, the incident came to an end. Unexpectedly, the next day, the boys family found Ann Yingyan and her husbands unit to make a big noise, and let the leader of the doctors unit dismiss her. What makes netizens even more unexpected is that the introduction of Dr. Ans colleagues, the video on the Internet was released by the boys parents after editing.

Five days later, Doctor An was so disturbed that he chose to commit suicide. Anyingyans rescue video spread all over the network, and then Dr. Deyang An was listed on the microblog hot search list.

Public opinion began to reverse. Some netizens accused the mother of the boy of using public opinion to finally kill Ann Yingyan.

On August 27, the mother of the boy told the media that she did not want to see such a result. She stopped being interviewed by any media.

Seventh, female stars claim to be harassed by customs

On Nov. 30, Mao Junjie, a female star, was subjected to a difficult inspection by Shenzhen Customs when she disclosed on her microblog that she had passed customs at the Shenzhen Bay Port. The process lasted more than one hour. In the explosive microblog, she also took pictures of the inspectors involved.

This micro-blog promptly triggered heated discussion among netizens, and soon broke through 150 million reading volumes and tens of thousands of comments, which made Mao Junjie a hot search list.

Because of the unknown incident, some netizens believed in Mao Junjies statement. Some blamed Shenzhen Customs for its practice. Others even criticized the staff posted on Mao Junjies microblog for their appearance.

Subsequently, the Shenzhen Customs staff transferred monitoring and explained the real situation: from the discovery of vehicles need to be inspected to release a total of 38 minutes, the actual inspection time is about nine minutes, during which Mao Junjie repeatedly showed impatience.

After the truth became clear, Mao Junjie apologized. The comments of netizens also show a one-sided trend, and popular science, inspection is the right of port staff, cooperation is the obligation of citizens.

8. Hangzhou Hunting and killing stray dogs in the whole city

On November 15, a netizen named Sengong Jiuren posted a microblog saying that Hangzhou had recently killed stray animals throughout the city and used the words hell on earth and horrible to describe the situation in Hangzhou.

Another Weibo user, Ghost Shadow Seth, also forwarded Weibo to Hangzhou in response to the dog beating incident, claiming that the armed police have entered Hangzhou City, and more than 300 people have been arrested.

The news of Hangzhou killing stray dogs quickly fermented on the Internet. Some foreign media forwarded this dynamic without verifying it, and maliciously sang down China. Later, these news also exported to domestic market, which made many domestic netizens believe it.

On November 18, Hangzhou Municipal Administration Committee issued a special management announcement on civilized dog raising. According to the announcement, Hangzhou launched a special civilized dog-raising management campaign on the 15th to persuade the public to hold without holding, hold without netting, hold with netting without clamping, and hold with clamping without blowing. In just four days, more than 8,000 publicity materials were issued and more than 10,000 dog certificates were accepted.

Hangzhous special governance action has aroused online attention and discussion, including both netizensfriends heartfelt concern for dogs and fabricated facts and distortions with ulterior motives.

According to Hangzhou Daily, the police checked and dealt with a number of rumors and punished Internet rumorers according to law.

9. Express Brother burst into tears in the rain

Nov. 15, a Weibo netizen wrote, Today, the downstairs courier sent the courier in the rain, a car of courier was stolen, there were few pieces left, crying in the rain, has been screamingWhat do I do, how do I do, the person who stole the courier, conscience will not hurt!

The courier who cried in the rain boarded the microblog hot search, and the reason for the cry also touched the hearts of netizens all over the country.

Video screenshots taken by netizens

After the video was reproduced, some media said that they learned from the local police station of Fengxincun, director of Putuo Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau near the site of the incident that a courier had indeed received an alarm on the afternoon of 15 that his delivery was lost. When the courier called the police, he said that the company might have counted the loss on him. Up to now, the courier had not been recovered.

The incident again hit the hot search, netizens have accused the delivery of immoral people.

Pengchao journalists specifically sought confirmation from the Putuo District Public Security Bureau in Shanghai. The police said they had not received similar warnings and the news was untrue.

On November 19, Peng Mei News contacted the courier concerned. According to his own account, the weeping on that day was actually caused by a quarrel with his girlfriend and emotional instability, and he has now made up with his girlfriend. At the same time, the reporter learned that the courier delivered a lot of couriers in the community that day, and there was no case of theft.

After 10,00 CEOs Crazy Adults

At the beginning of 2018, the 16-year-old allegory appeared on a talk show as post-00 CEO. The 16-year-old girl from Guangzhou won the first prize of Guangdong Province, the Internet team, in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition two years ago, and received a million innovation bonuses. In the program, not only was Dangdang CEO Li Guoqings $1 million financing received, but now the company is valued at tens of millions. Sabenin also praised its young and promising on the show.

When I attended the program, I also dedicated a golden phrase that made adults kneel to pieces: When I took hundreds of thousands of investments and bonuses, many adults played the kings glory! uuuuuuuuu With basic wages! Live ten years like a day!

Soon, however, it was pointed out that the allegorical company Noah Continent was just an empty shell, and she was a wealthy second generation. Her father of seven companies was the big behind-the-scenes BOSS. It was just a show in which adults pushed children to the screen to make gimmicks and defraud financing.

Yu Huafeng, his father, mentioned in an interview with cover journalists that Noah Continent was the name of the project when he was 14 years old and participated in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. At that time, there was no company. Later, she received 500,000 innovation bonuses. This bonus was not given to individuals, but to companies, requiring companies to be founded, so she took this money to create a company called Guangzhou. The company of Noah Technologies, the state, is the owner and CEO of the company.

He also revealed that the allegorical project is difficult to operate, so the company is generally in a loss state.

Subsequently, the allegory also responded that what he said in the program was entirely in accordance with the requirements of the program group.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Ji Xueying_NN6784