Cant afford it! Malaysias minister said he would return two giant pandas to China

 Cant afford it! Malaysias minister said he would return two giant pandas to China

[Observer.Com comprehensive report] After warm was sent back by Malaysia in the name of not being able to support, Malaysia intends to send his parents Xingxing and Beautiful back to China, for the reason that they still cant afford to support.

Malaysias Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources, Seville, revealed that people were strongly dissatisfied with the governments spending on raising pandas and asked him to send them back to China, China Daily reported on December 16.

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Depending on the situation, I will discuss with the Cabinet first and get feedback from the Cabinet before signing the next agreement to deal with this matter. The next meeting (with China) will be held in two years.

In response to the second crystal of Xingxing and Beautiful (commonly referred to as Warm Sister by domestic cat fans), Seville said that under an agreement signed by the Malaysian government and the Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), the cubs born by giant pandas must be returned to China within 24 months; however, any extension can be discussed with the association.

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China Daily asked when the panda cubs would be returned to China, while Seville said they would be returned to China as soon as the cubs grew older.

When former Malaysian Prime Minister Naji visited Nanning, China in March 2012, Malaysia and China finalized the lease of giant pandas and signed an agreement in June 2013. China officially approved the lease of Fuwa and Fengyi to Malaysia for 10 years to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China. The giant panda arrived in Malaysia on May 21, 2014, and was named Xingxing and Beautiful.

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The rent of a pair of giant pandas is $1 million (about 6.9 million yuan) per year, and the annual insurance premium is 50,000 ringgit (about 80,000 yuan) per panda. The one-time rent of a small panda living in Malaysia for two years is $600,000 (about 4.14 million yuan).

As for the Panda Museum and Conservation Center of Malaysia National Zoo, the government allocated 10 million ringgit (about 16.52 million yuan) and 15 million ringgit (about 24.78 million yuan) for the construction of the 1MDB Foundation.

Seville said that the monthly ticket revenue of the Panda Pavilion ranged from 300,000 (about 500,000 yuan) to 400,000 (about 660,000 yuan) and deducted the operating costs of up to 200,000 ringgies (about 330,000 yuan) per month, including 10,000 ringgies (about 17,000 yuan) for feed, 60,000 ringgies (about 100,000 yuan) for electricity and 100,000 ringgies (about 170,000 yuan). Renminbi) Employee costs, as well as security and maintenance costs, ticket revenue has been difficult to bear rent and insurance costs.

However, the remarks were criticized by the then Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia, Datuk Sri Wan Junedy, who said that the Malaysian National Zoo should not be a good advocate and that it did not intend to apply to China for an extension of the lease term before discussing with the Ministry.

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Due to the need to expand the Panda House to stay warm, the two-year-old Panda House eventually returned to the Panda Reproduction Research Base in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China by MASKargo on November 14, 2017, according to the contract.

Currently, tickets to Malaysias National Zoo are 43 ringgit for adults (about 71 yuan), 16 ringgit for children aged 3 to 12 (about 26 yuan), and 21 ringgit for people over 60 (about 34 yuan).

However, Malaysian netizens dont buy the reason why they cant afford it. Many people leave messages saying that pandas are not so expensive as the Malaysian governments problem. The message said, I am not good at management, even animals are strange! Hey! The zoo will be closed by then, not at all without any cost? No footage is allowed on the road, so there is no need to build roads and repair costs! Its ridiculous and sad to have this minister. Its futile not to know how to run a cash cow and give you a treasure trough. Many countries have applied for giant pandas in China. Its very difficult to apply for success. Others make a lot of money after they have baby pandas. You cant afford to cry and support them poor! Cant we afford to raise pandas or people? Great... Since the beginning of human history... Only China wants the panda back in advance. No country has ever sent pandas back in advance. If it becomes uuuuuuuuuuuu This will be the first time in human history. Malaysia is different. Even America is inferior to us.

Reply screenshots from Malaysian netizens

Reply screenshots from Malaysian netizens

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