CCTV anchorwoman Hai Xiadan has a special part-time position in the new position of the State Supervisory Commission.

 CCTV anchorwoman Hai Xiadan has a special part-time position in the new position of the State Supervisory Commission.

On December 17, the State Supervisory Commission held its first meeting on the employment of special inspectors in Beijing. Fifty special inspectors were selected.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Hai Xia, the host of CCTV, was in the list and was hired until March 2023.

Earlier, Haixia had a special part-time position in the Central Discipline Commission, serving as an invited inspector of the Supervision Department of the Central Discipline Commission since 2013.

Hai Xia

In 2014, Haixia was also recruited as the first batch of legal information dissemination planning experts of the Supreme Peoples Court, along with CCTV host Bai Yansong. At that time, Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme Court and Secretary of the Party Group, personally awarded certificates to experts.

Prior to this, Haixia has cooperated with the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission on many occasions. In March, the website of the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission launched the column Take You to Understand the Supervision Law. Haixia appeared in the first episode. The title of the first episode is The Supervision Law Comes, Its Closely Related to You and Me, which is Introduction to the newly born law.

What is this law? It is a national anti-corruption legislation, Haixia started with a clear meaning. In the next 2 minutes and 40 seconds, she helped us draw out the key points and essence of the General Provisions of the Supervision Law, and briefly introduced the functions and positioning of the Supervision Law.

In January this year, Haixia made the first video for the directory of Discipline See column on the website of the Commission for Discipline Discipline, introducing five kinds of Party disciplinary sanctions, which sounded the alarm bell for the majority of Party members.

The governor of Changan Street also noted that Professor Guoyong of Tsinghua University, National Labor Model Juxiaolin, Economist Liu Shangxi, Academician Wang Jinnan of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Party Secretary Fan Zhenxi of Zhoutaizi Village, Luanping County, Hebei Province, and Director Wen Hongyan of Political and Cultural Department of Peoples Daily were also employed as special inspectors of the State Supervision Commission.

According to the Measures for the Work of the Special Supervisors of the National Supervisory Committee, the Special Supervisor is a trusted person who is hired by the National Supervisory Committee according to its work needs and according to certain procedures, and who performs supervision, consultation and other related duties in the form of part-time.

Special supervisors are mainly recruited from the deputies of the National Peoples Congress. They can also be recruited from members of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, relevant departments of the central and state organs, members of democratic parties, non-Party personages, representatives of enterprises, institutions and social organizations, experts and scholars, media and artists, as well as frontline representatives and grassroots people.

At todays invitation meeting, entrusted by Zhao Lejie, Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Central Discipline Commission, Yang Xiaodu, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Central Discipline Commission and director of the State Supervisory Commission, attended the meeting to issue invitation letters for special inspectors and make speeches.

Yang Xiaodu emphasized that special supervisors should have a deep understanding of the significance of deepening the reform of the national supervisory system, shoulder a glorious mission with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and supervise and help discipline inspection and supervision organs to always follow the correct path determined by the Party and the people.

Annex: List of 50 Special Ombudsmen (in the order of surname strokes)

Wang Chen, Wang Xin, Wang Yumei (female), Wang Jinnan, Wang Xiaohong (female), Juxiaolin, Mao Yaqing, Bian Jianlin, Guoyong, Zhu Chengqing (female), Liu Jia, Liu Shangxi, Jiang Xiaoai (female), Su Guoxia (female), Li Qing, Li Pumin, Wu Hao, Wu Sufang (female), He Dachun, Zhang Lin (female), Zhang Xiang, Zhang Xingkai, Zhang Mingkai, Zhang Zhengwen, Fan Zhenxi, Jin Minqing Zhou Liyun, Zhou Guangquan, Meng Dan, Zhao Jiangtao, Hu Shaoxian, Hou Yongzhi, Qin Jie, Jia Nan (female), Jia Wenqin (female), Gu Jin, Xu Xiaolan (female), Guo Lei, Guo Mengqian, Guo Hongquan, Guo Xiaomei (female), Guo Caiyun (female), Haixia (female), Huang Zhixiong, Huang Qiqiqiu, Qi Zhenhong, Wen Hongyan (female), Qi Fangli (female), Zhai Zhenwu, Huo Yong