Chinese uncles and aunts earned 2,000 yuan a day as milk sweepers and desperately grabbed milk powder in Australia

 Chinese uncles and aunts earned 2,000 yuan a day as milk sweepers and desperately grabbed milk powder in Australia

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Chinese uncles and aunts are also fighting for the milk powder replenishment truck (Source:)

On December 16, a video of Australian Chinese uncles and aunts snatching milk powder crazily aroused heated discussion and concern in the local area.

At a supermarket in Melbournes Boxhill district, a group of Chinese uncles and aunts gathered around a milk powder truck and rushed to buy milk powder. One of the Chinese uncles simply threw himself down in the milk powder truck and the scene was in chaos. This scene also shocked many passers-by, many customers also picked up mobile phones to shoot.

The incident soon spread throughout the Chinese community, and some people jokingly called it the 12.16 incident. On December 17, cover journalists learned that milk grabbing was at Woolworth Supermarket, where supermarket staff were preparing to replenish the goatsmilk district. Just after the staff had launched the replenishment truck, Uncle Aunt, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed up.

In this 9-second video, uncle and aunt made a thorough siege on the car. From the video, we can see that in order to grab the milk powder, an uncle in blue sweater and khaki trousers jumped on it directly. The whole body pressed on the truck. Several other aunts unwilling to lag behind knelt down and grabbed the milk powder, hoping to empty the box.

Doudou, a local student, told reporters that these Chinese aunts and uncles were called breast-sweeping gangs, and they swept milk in regular groups every day. Doudou worked part-time in a coffee shop after school. She said that her mother would go to her coffee shop to have a rest when she was tired of sweeping milk. Once they chatted with them, they revealed that they could earn 400 Australian dollars a day (about 2000 yuan) when they bought milk powder and resell it.

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Wang Zheng_N7526