Why is the 50 million populous province with N national training bases a professional football desert?

 Why is the 50 million populous province with N national training bases a professional football desert?

With the countrys determination to revitalize football in an all-round way, Guangdong football youth training is in full swing, and the whole youth training market is also full of business opportunities. But not far from Guangdong, the youth football training in Guangxi is a bit bitter.

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It is the most difficult place for Guangxi Youth Football Training Institutions to improve their own level that there is no high-quality youth matches for youth training institutions to participate in. In Guangzhou youth training competitions of all ages, including the national elite youth training teams, there are dozens of top-quality competitions, such as the Fuli Morning Star Cup, the Guangdong Folk Football League, and the National Youth Invitation of the Holiday Cup. However, even in big cities like Guilin and Liuzhou, their competitions are very few, and their level is difficult to compare with those in Guangdong. u3002

Spark Guide is currently in the stage of final selection and research. When we approached Liuzhou and Guilin in Guangxi and investigated Liuzhou Chenyao Youth Training Club and Guilin Yinghua Youth Training Club, which entered the final stage of Spark Guide by virtue of excellent teachers and educational level, we found that both clubs had similar questions. Question.

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The two youth training clubs have good reputation in their respective cities, with more than 500 paying students. However, due to the low average income of the local people, the club has chosen to lower the tuition fee in order to ensure that most of the children can receive football training and education.

Each student of Liuzhou Chenyao Club has to pay 300 yuan a month, which corresponds to 16 courses. On average, the unit price of each course is less than 20 yuan.

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Moreover, this is still the price after the fee standards have been raised.

The fee standard of the English-Chinese Club in Guilin is basically maintained at 60 yuan for two class hours. Under such circumstances, clubs must seek more profit points if they want to survive for a long time.

In Guilin area, a certain number of government procurement and school procurement have broadened the profit model of Yinghua Club, but the situation in Liuzhou is different. Although many schools recognize the Chenyao Club very much, more cooperative schools are willing to replace the training service of Chenyao Club with site support through resource replacement.

So although there are still some deficiencies in the profit of Chenyao Club, the excellent operation of the venue makes the operation of the whole club basically balanced. As the profit model of Yinghua Club is relatively more, according to the person in charge, last year the club has been in a profitable state.

Club training income is less, which directly affects the income of youth football training coaches. Professional coaches in both clubs earn about 4-5,000 yuan, while part-time coaches only make more than 2,000 yuan. The lower overall income level represents a large number of deficiencies of high-level youth coaches.

Although the youth training of the two clubs has done very well in their respective cities, especially in the field of sports, they have trained some good children. Some of them are even in the ranks of Hengda Football School or professional teams. However, as far as the number of coaches is concerned, the number of high-quality youth training coaches is still very few. Both clubs have only one coach with the C-level coach certificate of the Chinese Football Association, and most of the other practitioners are D-level coaches and soccer social instructors.

The other thing that bothers both clubs at the same time is that there are too few high-level competitions for the students. According to the head of Chenyao Club, they hold a primary school competition in the local area. The Cooperative School of the club has sent six teams, but ultimately only 12 teams are involved in the whole competition. Youth competitions are always ignored in the local area.

The head of the Yinghua Club also said that the lack of high-level competitions was a major reason for limiting the teams level of improvement. Our students may not be able to play 10 official Games in a year, so when they go to Guangzhou to participate in some competitions, it will be obvious that there is a gap between us. Both clubs have organized students to compete in Guangzhou, where the youth training market is more popular. Funds and time are ultimately the biggest limiting factors for them to compete outside the province.

The lack of high-level coaches and local youth football matches restrict the development of youth football training in Guangxi. Both Chenyao and Yinghua club directors hope that the government can support more football youth training projects, and can also launch more matches, so that more children and schools can participate in, and jointly promote the development of Guangxi football youth training.

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