The directors business of caring for his lover has been beaten up by his lovers husband for many times, and he has been disabled for seven grades.

 The directors business of caring for his lover has been beaten up by his lovers husband for many times, and he has been disabled for seven grades.

On December 17, the China Business Daily published that the Chief Navigation Officer acted as umbrella for Shaba lover, revealing a typical case in which local leading cadres acted as umbrella for the evil forces.

According to reports, in August this year, Tang Moufeng, former director of the Shipping Administration of Ziyang County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province (the local maritime department), was arrested in accordance with the law for the crime of compulsory trading. Two other suspects, Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing, were also transferred to the Langao County Procuratorate for prosecution according to law.

Reported that during his tenure, he repeatedly used his authority and the convenience of project management to solicit business for his lover Chen Mouhui in order to gain more benefits. He also invested in the operation of Chen Mohuis sand carrier, formed a community of interests with Chen Mohui and his husband Wei Mobing, and used his powers to greet and directly pressure the service objects they managed, which played a vital role in Chen Mohuis and his wifes monopoly of the sand and stone market in the western part of Langao County and was their umbrella.

The article also discloses that Tang Moufeng was severely injured by his lovers husband as a second grade and a seventh grade.

Political affairs inquiry learned that the report of Tang Moufeng, the former director of Ziyang County Navigation Administration, the former director of the local maritime department Tang Mingfeng.

According to public information, Tang Mingfeng was born in 1970 and has been the director of Ziyang County Navigation Administration since 2005.

In his early years, he won many honors in his work. In 2005, there was a dispute over the interests of a sand dredger. The owner of the dredger was bundled with more than 20 kilograms of explosives and threatened to die with more than 20 people on seven nearby ships. Tang Mingfeng boarded the sand dredger alone and persuaded patiently to release the explosives on the owners body. The following year, he was rated as an advanced individual in safety management by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Communications.

Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing are from Langao County, Ankang City. Chen Mohui was born in November 1971 and Wei Mobing was born on August 23, 1968. Since 2000, they have used freight ships to engage in sand and stone trafficking in the waters of Ziyang County and Langao County, Ankang City. Later, they established Langao County Hengda Port Company Limited. Chen Mohui is the legal representative.

After Tang Mingfeng became Director-General in 2005, he was mainly responsible for shipping safety management, investigation and treatment of water traffic accidents, approval and supervision of underwater and underwater construction operations in Ziyang County. Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing are the objects of management and service in their business work. During their long-term contacts, Tang Mingfeng and Chen Mouhui gradually developed into a lover relationship.

Since then, Tang Mingfeng has repeatedly cared for the business of Chen Mouhui and his wife.

In 2013, he repeatedly greeted the operators of the sand quarry in Hanwang Town, Ziyang County, and asked the quarry to give Chen Huisha a preferential price of 5 yuan per cubic meter lower than the normal market price, and to take care of it in quantity, thus causing great losses to the sand quarry.

At the beginning of 2014, Chen borrowed 100,000 yuan from Tang Mingfeng and purchased a sand carrier at a price of 480,000 yuan. Tang Mingfeng owned 30% of the shares of the sand carrier. Chen Mohui divided the dividend into more than 50,000 yuan three times to Tang Mingfeng.

In the sand and stone transportation sector, Tang Mingfeng put pressure on shipowners engaged in sand and stone trafficking to withdraw from the local market from July to December 2013, which played a protective role for Chen Mohui and his wife to monopolize the sand and stone market in Western Langao.

In 2015, Tang Mingfengs relationship with his lover Chen Mouhui was discovered by Wei Moubing and clashed. When handling the case, the Public Security Bureau found the clue of Tang Mingfengs violation of law and discipline.

One night in April of that year, Tang Mingfeng and Chen Mouhui went out drinking and returned to Ankang. Chen Mouhui drove his own car to take Tang Mingfeng for a ride in the city. Subsequently, the two men parked in the car ambiguous, but was followed by a soldier Wei found.

According to the China Business Daily, Wei had repeatedly suspected that his wife and Tang Mingfeng had an unfair relationship with men and women. After seeing this, he grabbed the U-lock of his electric car, opened the copilot door, and beat Tang Mingfeng hard in the head and face with the lock. Chen Mouhui fled and alerted the police, then Tang Mingfeng was sent to several hospitals for emergency treatment.

Tang Mingfengs left eyeball rupture, skin laceration of the left eyelid, fracture of the inner and inferior wall of the left orbit and aphakia of the left eye were investigated. After identification, the eye injuries were classified as Grade 2 and Grade 7.

Political affairs noted that the local network forum, so far still circulated in 2015 netizens reported posters. In the post, he said, Director Tang never wore glasses before. Now Director Tang must wear dark glasses all the time.

They were not handled by the public security and judicial departments, but through private consultation, an understanding was reached when Wei Mou-bing compensated Tang Mingfeng for 220,000 yuan. They also agreed in the understanding agreement that Wei Mou-bing should not report Tang Mingfeng to any organization for any reason or in any way; Chen Mou-hui completely severed the relationship with Tang Mingfeng and asked Tang Mingfeng to withdraw from the ship shares. The two sides reached a withdrawal agreement in January 2016, witnessed by witnesses.

Three years after the incident, in May 2018, the Langao County Public Security Bureau asked Tang Mingfeng to identify his injuries several times during handling the case of Wei Mobing and Chen Mouhui suspected of forced trading, but he refused to do so. Thereafter, the Public Security Bureau discovered the clues of Tang Mingfengs violation of law and discipline and handed them over to the Ankang Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee.

The Langao County Public Security Organ found that Tang Mingfeng used his power to greet and direct pressure the clients he managed, forcing Chens business competitors to withdraw from the specific market, which played a vital role in the couples monopoly of the sand and stone market in the western part of Langao, and was the umbrella of Chen and his wife; at the same time, Tang entered the stock market. Operating Chen Mohui Sand Carrier to form a community of interests.

According to the website of the Supreme Procuratorate, Tang Mingfeng was arrested on August 29 by the Langao Peoples Procuratorate on suspicion of compulsory trading.

Source: Editor in charge of political affairs: Ji Xueying_NN6784