Looking for Baidu Huawei Ali to catch up, Luo Yonghao pulls the hammer out of debt crisis

 Looking for Baidu Huawei Ali to catch up, Luo Yonghao pulls the hammer out of debt crisis

Wen/Lu Qian Li Na

According to the exclusive knowledge of the First Financial Journalist, Luo Yonghao has contacted Baidu, Huawei, Ali and other aspects to seek an offer, but neither of them has been settled, and Ali has also reached a price deadlock.

Previously, there were rumors in the industry that 360 mobile phones and Hammer Technologies were negotiating a merger, but the matter was later denied by Zhou Hongzheng. First Finance and Economics hereby verify to the above parties, as of the publication, Baidu and Ali have not responded.

Close up Ali

As for the rumor of Hammer Technology, Huawei confirmed the matter to First Finance and Economics. Huawei Consumer BG senior told First Finance and Economics reporter that they had contacted Luo Yonghao before, but had no specific acquisition plan.

An anonymous person close to Ali told First Financial Journalist that Ali had also contacted Hammer Technology, but the specific acquisition plan is still under discussion. Lao Luo suggested that Hammer Technologies should not be used and all of them should be taken out, but after Alis assessment of Hammer Technologies, the latters debt situation is not optimistic.

Another insider who worked in Ali told First Financial Journalist that Ali had considered further cooperation with Hammer in the past, but now it is unlikely to talk about acquisition.

Two years ago, Ali YunOS was very close to the hammer, and the news was that the hammers mobile phone would be equipped with YunOSs custom Smartisan OS system. From December 10, 2015, Luo Yonghao appeared at the Ali YunOS conference; on April 6, 2016, Luo Yonghao and Ma Yun participated in the Hangzhou Dream Town Event; in May 2016, he participated in the Ali Yun Partnership Conference; on June 27, 2016, the information on the website of the Beijing Bureau of Industry and Commerce showed that Hammer Science and Technology was pledged by Luo Yonghao and the pledgee was made by Alibaba (China) Network. Technology Co., Ltd., the amount of Pledged Shares is 205.381.76 million shares. In addition, the enterprise type of hammer has been changed from limited liability company to limited liability company.

At that time, Ali also considered the acquisition, but now it is unlikely that, on the one hand, Ali YunOS has been adjusted, the Department has been cancelled; secondly, if Alis resources are inclined to a hardware manufacturer, how to coordinate the relationship with other partners is a problem; thirdly, for Ali, the biggest value of the hammer lies in Lao Luo himself, such as The value of the hammer will be greatly reduced if Golaolo goes away.

Sun Yanbiao, president of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, told the First Financial Journalist that Hammer Branch had just figured out how to make mobile phones and hardware in the peak period of the mobile phone industry, but since 2017, when the whole industry entered downstream space, the individual hammer will certainly be unable to return to the sky. Secondly, as a capital-driven enterprise, Hammer is bound to be more passive in the cold winter of the industry.

Capital Chain Crisis

Previously, hammer technology continued to fall into negative news.

Since the beginning of November, Hammer has started to lay off its staff, covering R&D, supply chain, market and other parts. Pre-Hammer workers confirmed to First Financial Journalist that most of the laid-off employees received N+1 compensation.

On November 20, Dongguan Yulong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Cool Group, filed a lawsuit in Shenzhen court against Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. for not paying back the money owed. The latter purchased mobile phone parts from Cool Group for a sum of more than 10 million yuan. However, after delivery, half of the goods were not paid and the amount involved 45 million yuan.

On Dec. 10, Hammer Technologiesofficial website showed Notice of arrival on all mobile phones sold - that is, products are out of stock and cannot be ordered. In this regard, customer service personnel said that the company was operating normally after the sale of spare goods. But according to people close to Hammer Technologies told First Financial Journalist, Hammer mobile phones can not get preferential prices in the supplier chain because of their small shipments. This time, it is really difficult to fund, long arrears and no shipment.

On December 11, there was a major personnel change in Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hammer Branch. Nine senior executives, Xu Han, Tang Yan and Wu Yongming, were removed from the board of directors, and the legal representative was changed from Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi.

Today, hammer technology is caused by many reasons. Sun Yanbiao told the first financial reporter that the laser TV and TNT workstations which invested tremendous energy in the latter stage of hammer technology failed to bring real income, but caused problems such as too large layout, too heavy investment in R&D, unbalanced input-output ratio and so on. At present, hammer business lines are in a state of blood loss. The way out for the hammer is to seek the capital who is willing to take over the offer, and the other is to cut off the bloody business and return the funds.

For Luo Yonghao, the current situation of Hammer Technology is eggs in danger. In the case of insoluble debt, Luo Yonghao is likely to be classified as dishonest person because of the problem of capital chain, and his personal assets are frozen.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279