The Final of the Sixth National Postdoctoral Tennis Competition

 The Final of the Sixth National Postdoctoral Tennis Competition

On December 16, the 6th National Postdoctoral Tennis Competition Final of Hengqin Cup was held in Zhuhai Hengqin International Tennis Center, Guangdong Province. The competition brought together more than 150 athletes from 16 teams from Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Province and other universities, scientific research institutes and regions. After three days of fierce battle, the team, mens singles, mens doubles and mixed doubles champions were won.

The first to open the finals was the mens doubles. The Guangdong team Xiong Zhenguo/Wang Hong played Tianqiang/Luo Xiaoan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences team. The score of the two teams was sticky at one time, leading alternately. Finally, the Guangdong team won the match 8-6. This is the first time that Guangdong team has won the championship in this competition.

In the mixed doubles final, Jiang Ting/Cao Qinglei, the last champion of Tsinghua University, met Xu Xia/Tan Yihua, the representative team of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. The team of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education was in the lead at the beginning and drew 3-3 after a fierce battle. In the second half of the competition, the Tsinghua University team once took the lead, but the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education team kept up with it. After Jiang Ting/Cao Qinglei lost three points in a row, the two sides eventually drew 7-7. Finally, the team of Tsinghua University successfully defended the two cities with superb technology.

The final of the group tournament was held between the first team of Jiangsu Fatai Electrical Appliances and the representative team of Tsinghua University. The former group tournament of Southeast University had two laurels, and the representative team of Tsinghua University was the champion in 2017. In the first mens doubles competition, Southeast University dispatched Liu Chaoyang, the last mens singles champion and seed contestant, to compete. He and his partner Chen Jialin beat Wang Ke/Sun Zhesian 8-4 to take the lead. In the second mixed doubles match, Jiang Tings partner Liao Chengwei played again, with a momentum like rainbow, beating Xu Xiaowei/Zhang Zhe 8-4 in one fell swoop. After two hours of fierce fighting, the two teams fought 1-1. The two sides ushered in the last mens doubles final. Liu Bo/Chen Zhipeng of Tsinghua University played Qi Qifeng/Lu Lingyi of Southeast University. At the beginning, Southeast University maintained a 3-1 lead. After the two games, Tsinghua University tied the score and overtook it 4-3. Qi Qifeng/Lu Lingyi gripped the score and equalized three times, winning the key point by 7-6 reversal. In the final game, veteran Qi Qifeng sacrificed himself to save the ball, and the team of Tsinghua University, the last champion, made successive mistakes and finally surrendered the Hengqin Cup by a big score of 1:2. This is the third time that Southeast University has won the championship in the history of the competition.

The mens singles final was held between Qi Qifeng of Jiangsu Fatai Electrical Appliances Team 1 and Lin Zhesheng of Team 2 of Southeast University. Qi Qifeng was defeated by Lin Zhesheng in successive battles and lost the mans singles champion.

Leaders such as Qiu Chunlei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Center for Overseas Students and Expert Services of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, Qiu Chunlei, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Post-doctoral Science Foundation, Sun Zhen, Director of Personnel Department of Beijing Sports University, Wei Jianwen, Director of Technical Department of Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Sciences, and Li Na, 2000 Olympic diving champion, attended the ceremony and presented medals

The competition is sponsored by China Post-doctoral Science Foundation and Beijing Sports University, and is sponsored by Zhuhai Hengqin New District Post-doctoral Management Office and Zhuhai Hengqin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and has received strong support from Zhuhai Hengqin New District Management Committee and Zhuhai Peoples Society Bureau.

Qiu Chunlei said after the match that the purpose of holding the postdoctoral tennis contest is to carry forward the spirit of the postdoctoral researchers to fight tenaciously and climb the peak forever. After six years of competition, post-doctoral registration has become more and more enthusiastic and effective, showing the spirit of striving and pursuing excellence. It has become a brand activity to promote the development of post-doctoral mass sports.

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