How many secrets do ofo have?

 How many secrets do ofo have?

Following the controversy over the deposit, ofo has fallen into the cloud of rising prices. On December 16, the ofo side still did not respond to the two-day fermentation double-bid deposit refund storm. On the same day, a screenshot of riding ofo 2.3 kilometers to charge 3 yuan for the fare spread in the Wechat crowd. This is not all the secrets of ofo in the near future. In the second half of 2018, ofo has been caught in many rumors of capital breakdown, and its relationship with shareholders is also complicated. After experiencing the dark moment, it is still unknown whether ofo can fulfill CEO Dai Weis expectation of kneeling to live.

Billing rules are complicated and confusing

On December 16, a detailed screenshot of the cost of ofo caused controversy among the Wechat community. The screenshots show that users need to pay 3 yuan for 11 minutes to ride ofo 2.3 kilometers. The detailed cost is 1.0 yuan for starting price + 8.8 yuan for duration (11 minutes) + 1.1 yuan for depreciation (2.3 kilometers), which has reached the upper limit of 3 yuan.

A month ago, Tianjin Traffic Radio also disclosed such screenshots. The screenshot shows that ofo adopts the charging standard of starting price + time charge + depreciation charge. The maximum amount is 3 yuan in an hour, and the amount less than 3 yuan is calculated according to the starting price + time cost + depreciation cost. The starting price is 1 yuan, the time cost is 0.8 yuan per minute, and the depreciation cost is 0.5 yuan per kilometer. If more than 1 hour is less than 4 hours, 3 yuan will be charged per hour, and 5 yuan will be charged for more than 4 hours. In addition, ofo has set up an operating area, if it exceeds the operating area, it will need to charge a 5 yuan dispatching fee.

In fact, six months ago, there were doubts about ofo adjusting accounting rules and ofo price increase in disguised form. According to the report of Investment Circle, On June 9, according to the loyal ofo users in some areas, the charging method of ofo has changed again recently. The price increase has reached the level calculated on time - 2 yuan in 3 minutes and 10 yuan in 4 hours. In response to the above queries, ofo officials have said that new billing methods and methods are being tested, and the cost may be less than or more than one yuan.

Until recently, users were still puzzled about ofo billing rules. On December 11, the Straits Daily reported that the price of ofos new charging model has nearly doubled in disguise, with Xiamen residents riding for 2 minutes to collect the top 2 yuan and said, users believe that even if they want to increase the price, they can only target new users, but not to the old users who have already recharged, otherwise there is the suspicion ofgoing out the other way, not telling credit.

Journalists from Beijing Business Daily also tested the charging rules. Riding ofo 1.4 kilometers in Chaoyang District takes 10 minutes and costs 1 yuan. According to the corresponding charging rules of the order, users will start charging after entering the license plate number to obtain the password. The time of use includes 120 seconds of repairing time reserved for users. The charging fee is 1.0 yuan per hour and less than one hour is charged according to one hour, which is different from the charging rules of Online screenshots.

Up to the press release of Beijing Business Daily, ofo has not responded to the questions of whether or not ofo should adopt different charging rules according to the region and when the latest charging rules will be implemented.

Deposit is a controversial issue

If the charging rules are the new secret of ofo, the refund of deposit is the old problem of ofo, but recently, this old problem has generated new doubts.

On December 15, the news of netizens pretending to be foreign users and ofo deposit withdrawing in seconds was fermented on Weibo, which caused controversy on the topic of difficult withdrawal of ofo deposit. Many netizens and insiders questioned whether ofo has double standards on deposit refund.

According to the news fermented on Weibo, a netizen wanted to refund his ofo deposit recently, but when he heard that it would take a long time to make a phone call, he tried the strategy of foreigners report cases, pretending that foreigners wrote a complaint email. As a result, ofo quickly refunded the deposit and responded to an English apology letter. However, the ofo side did not give a public response to this matter.

In recent years, the controversy of the deposit of ofo has been persistent. According to ofo, the deposit will be refunded within 0-15 working days after submitting the application. However, many netizens reported that the time for refunding the deposit was too long, and some netizens said that they did not get the deposit smoothly for more than 15 working days.

On December 16, the discussion of ofo deposit refund became more heated. As of Beijing Business Daily, the ofo group refund deposit ranked tenth in Baidu search hotspot, and the fever continued to rise. The hot spot is a report about the refund of the deposit of ofo. According to reports, users can go to the headquarters of ofo Xiaohuang Car to go through the refund formalities on the spot. It is reported that some individual citizens or the whole family together for refund, on-site refund of deposit fast and smoothly.

However, netizens believe that the off-line deposit refund is not universal. According to the regulations, the refund processing time of ofo site is scheduled for working days, and some users choose to give up because of long distance or time conflict.

In order to retain users, ofo has tried every means. In early December, some users questioned that the refund button in the ofo deposit refund interface is grey and seems unable to click. In response, the ofo public relations department said that the deposit refund button grey is the normal state, is the normal retention user settings, there is no situation that can not be clicked.

According to the test by Beijing Business Daily, although the button on the deposit refund interface is grey, it can actually click on the application process. Then the screen will show the prompt You currently have the deposit privilege of 99 yuan, if you ride again, you will pay the deposit of 199 yuan and a number of detained tips.

Survival problems

Its reasonable that ofo wants to retain users. Bida consultancy analyst Li Jinqing bluntly said, Because only by ensuring the size of users and maintaining the stickiness of users, ofo has the hope of survival.

For ofo, survival is not alarmist.

Various signs show that the sharing bicycle industry has been declining sharply since 2018. In April, Mobai was sold to the delegation for comment, and ofo was repeatedly rumored to have run out of money. According to public information, at least nine companies have brought ofo to court for contract disputes involving logistics transportation, house leasing, arrears and other issues. Some cases have been settled and many are still under trial. In addition, ofo also involves many labor contract disputes. The branches of Dongxia Datong in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tangshan and other places have been listed in the list of abnormal business operations by the industrial and commercial departments because of their unreliable registered residences or business places.

The sequelae of the early extensive deployment of shared bicycles are also beginning to appear. Users on social platforms often complain about more bad cars and no cars and so on. From the commercial logic point of view, relying on the mode of fare realization is also referred to as unable to survive independently. In addition, the relationship between ofo and other shareholders, such as drip, Ali, is also complex and changeable.

Dai Wei does not deny the plight of ofo, he said in an internal letter released on November 28, In the most difficult times, we still need to adhere to faith, even kneeling to live, as long as we live, we have hope! In his view, The challenging year 2018 is coming to an end, and the battle for us is continuing.

Indeed, the competition for sharing bicycles in theory is not over yet. From some data dimensions, ofo is still in the leading position in the industry. Liu Dawei, a data analyst at the University of Intelligence, said, But from the current capital environment and the industry problems faced by bicycle sharing, ofo needs to undergo many tests to survive the cold winter, such as strengthening internal management, trying to achieve multiple cash realizations, and restoring usersconfidence. This is a closely linked relationship, which needs to be done synchronously.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Wei Wei/Wen Baiyang/tabulation

Source: Beijing Business Daily Responsible Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279