The 71-year-old who insisted on running at his own expense for 200,000 entries was called a fool neurosis

 The 71-year-old who insisted on running at his own expense for 200,000 entries was called a fool neurosis

Luo Rushun and his trophies and medals.

Heterogeneous and model are usually opposite character tags, which always appear on Luo Rushun, 71, and other senior members of Shanghai veteran track and field team at the same time.

They are alien. According to the international regulations of aged over 65, they should have played Taiji, played chess or participated in mass fitness like square dancing, walking and softball in their later years, but Luo Rushun, Zhu Baoning, Qin Bokui and a group of veterans persisted in competitive sports.

They are also models. Adhering to regular running and fitness for many years helps them develop a slightly age-inconsistent physique. When they brought back two gold medals, seven silver medals and five bronze medals on behalf of Shanghai in the 18th National Veteran Athletics Championship in Taian, Shandong Province, not long ago, their stories and achievements made many young people willing to offer their knees.

Many people call usneuroticand a bunch offools. Luo Rushun has heard such comments around him for more than ten years. Although they are getting fewer and fewer now, they have never disappeared. However, Luo Rushun did not extinguish the fire in his heart. I would like to be such a fool to win glory for the country.

Time is harsh and the difference between minutes and seconds makes these old people unable to win medals; time is generous, and year after year, they keep refreshing their records in the national, Asian and even global arenas, while subverting peoples concept of sports for the elderly.

Zhang Linde (standing) and Luo Rushun (left one).

A fool leader who spends 200,000 yuan on his own

Its rather cold in winter in Shanghai. Before sunrise, outdoor temperatures are generally only four or five degrees Celsius. At five oclock in the morning, Luo Rushun changed his running equipment and went out on time for training.

For 18 years, Luo Rushun has been like this. He never stops unless its rainy or windy or extremely bad weather.

I have been running every day since 2000. In summer, I went out at 4:30. At that time, running was not as hot as it is now. I ran all over every day. Many people thought I was crazy.

Before retirement, Luo Rushun was a faculty member of Shanghai Polytechnic University. He often ran from home to school, one way is 15 kilometers. In 2007, when he retired formally, Luo Rushun began his career in competition. In 2007, I ran the first marathon in Xiamen, which is the most unforgettable one in my life.

At 30 kilometers of the race, Luo Rushuns legs began to cramp. I remember that my calves were as hard as stones, and I cried with pain.

Luo Rushun.

At that time, the medical conditions and volunteer services were not as comprehensive as they are now. Luo Rushun had no doctor beside him. He could only sit on the ground and pat his calves. Many runners passed him without stopping until a runner from Shanghai stopped and asked about him.

He was with me all the way, and when I had cramps, he massaged me. In this way, Luo Rushun, accompanied by the runner, persisted for another 5 kilometers. I was sorry to have delayed others all the time, otherwise they would not get the certificate at the end of the race.

At the strong request of Luo Rushun, the kind runner continued the race, and Luo Rushun insisted step by step. When he crossed the finish line, he was three minutes ahead of the closing time. When I got the medal, my heart was so excited that tears flowed down.

In the Beijing Marathon in 2007, he ran for 3 hours, 31 minutes and 10 seconds. While winning the medal, he also brought back the certificate of the first-class amateur athlete in the national track and field. That year, he was 60 years old.

Later, he joined the Shanghai veteran team and trained with the then captain Zhang Linde. Later, Mr. Zhang Linde could not continue running because of physical reasons, and Luo Rushun became the captain of the team.

Luo Rushuns certificate.

He organizes team members to participate in monthly test races, and also leads the team to participate in various marathons, even the national veteran track and field championships. However, these competitions require participants to pay their own entry fees, which is a big expense for the elderly.

I spent almost 200,000 yuan on behalf of Shanghai or China in the last 10 years. Luo Rushuns monthly retirement salary is not more than 5,000 yuan, in addition to giving his wife more than 3,000 households, his private money has become his competition fund. Many people call usneuroticand a bunch offools.

Luo Rushun did not abandon his belief in competitive sports because of such doubts. He was even willing to pay for some players.

Some old people, apart from their meager income, earn money by collecting garbage and live frugally, but when it comes to competitions, they are willing to take out all their money. And all I can do is take them to the game.

Luo Rushun is always prone to tears when he talks about some of the experiences of the veterans, so he hopes to take this veteran team around the world to show the demeanour of the Chinese elderly when he has other experiences to help more people compete.

I can still do a few years, I want to select more excellent old athletes, win more honors for our country in the international arena, and do my part.

Luo Rushun repeatedly said, This is my final determination and hope.

Zhu Baoning.

Old-age tough generals, the desire for victory and defeat transcends everything.

Among Luo Rushuns team of more than 40 people, there is a tough general who is 66-year-old Deputy captain and coach Zhu Baoning. In this years national veteran Athletics Championship in Taian, Shandong Province, the two gold medals of Shanghai veteran team came from the old man.

Zhu Baonings desire for victory in the competitive arena is no less than that of most professional athletes.

Zhu Baoning took part in the Shanghai Marathon this year.

Back 50 years ago, when Zhu Baoning, a middle school student, participated in an elective competition of the track and field team of Ningguo Middle School in Anhui Province, his achievements inspired his belief in becoming a champion.

That was my first 100-meter race. I ran 13.5 seconds. At that time, I had ambition. I think today is 13 seconds, tomorrow is 12.5 seconds, and the day after tomorrow is 11.5 seconds. Then I can run to 10 seconds like Chen Jiaquan, an excellent Chinese athlete who has broken the record of 100-meter race six times.

But Zhu Baoning abandoned the road of trying professional athletes because of the call of going to the mountains and the countryside. However, he did not give up running.

At that time, I got up and ran first in the morning, and then I cooked when I had finished running. After the agricultural production comes back to train for a while before resting. Zhu Baoning trained in the countryside day after day for three years.

Later, he was admitted to the Huizhou TeachersCollege and became a PE teacher. During his years in physical education, he continued to participate in various running competitions.

The first prize should be a race around the city on New Years Day in Huanningguo County. I won a new rural pen for 6 cents. Zhu Baoning still remembers that, from that pen, he almost monopolized the championship of his group in that competition every year.

Zhu Baonings award certificate.

From the pen in the new countryside to the fifth set of RMB Collection Edition of 3680 yuan per year, for such a long time, I have won the championship for more than 40 years from the youth, youth, middle-aged and old group B to the old group A.

As a teenager, the seed of Champion Dream has been planted and sprouted year after year in training and competitions. Zhu Baoning wants to go to a bigger stage and confront his peers more strongly.

Encouraged by relatives and friends, Zhu Baoning began to try to change from sprint to long-distance running. In a half marathon in Shanghai in 2011, Zhu Baoning ran an hour and 34 minutes for the first time; then in 2012, he continued to compete, running an hour and 31 points, ranking 42 of all the competitors.

During the race, he met Luo Rushun, as well as many older people who were equally keen on running. They trained and talked together. With these like-minded friends, Zhu Baonings desire for victory is even stronger.

In September 2017, Zhu Baoning ushered in the moment of realizing his dream of life. At the 20th Asian Veteran Athletics Championship in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, Zhu Baoning, 65, represented China in the 4x400m relay of 60 groups. In the end, they won the championship for the Chinese team.

At that time, I was dancing the bright five-star red flag, and my heart was about to jump out.

Victory is almost the only idea for Zhu Baoning to stand on the runway. When he only finished third in the 1500m race at Taishan Stadium this year, he blamed himself, This strategic mistake, I have not planned every race, otherwise I can easily get the first place.

Under the environment of advocating desalinating gold medals and belittling victory and defeat in Chinese sports as a whole, an old athletes strong victory and defeat is somewhat special.

Why do you value victory so much?

I think to some extent, only achievements can show our ability. Although I cant win glory for my country like Su Bingtian now, we are old, running slowly and jumping low, but we have a young heart.

Zhu Baoning has always had a belief in life: Efforts are not necessarily successful, but giving up is doomed to failure. He often said, In sports, China is really strong when it is young and old.

Qin Bokui.

A love sprinter, a wife is the driving force to break the record

The so-called strong, in fact, there are many manifestations. If Zhu Baonings strength is sharp and sharp, then Qin Bokuis strength is warm and tender.

Qin Bokui, 78, is one of the oldest members of the Shanghai veteran team. But the most special thing about him is not his age and achievement, but his wife accompanies him every time he goes out to play.

At the national veteran track and Field Championship held at the foot of Mount Tai, Aunt Jiang Tianling accompanied Qin Bokui to help him pack up his sports equipment and record his game video and photos with her mobile phone.

Sometimes she advised me not to play, but I think she was very supportive of me. Speaking of his wife, Qin Bokui always smiles happily. When I have a competition, she will basically follow me and take charge of my diet and so on. Everything takes care of me.

Jiang Tianling is 3 years older than Qin Bokui. She walks a little shambling, moves slowly and talks quietly. But she always handles the food, living and competition of Qin Bokui very carefully. If I am not with him, he will make a mess of himself.

Speaking of Qin Bokui and Jiang Tianlings love story, in fact, it started with sports.

From 1959 to 1964, Qin Bokui was the captain of the Xuhui District Team in Shanghai. The main events were 100 meters, 200 meters and long jump. At that time, Jiang Tianlings units organized to watch the games on the field, and she saw Qin Bokuis games on the sidelines.

Later, she often came to see me and cheered me on. We met and then we were together.

Qin Bokui old people daily training.

After 1965, Qin Bokuis Research Institute moved from Xuhui District to Yangpu District, where he worked more busily and spent less time on training and competition. In 1982, a chance to study abroad brought Qin Bokui to Japan. Later, he stayed in Japan to continue his research and life.

After retirement, affected by the strong running atmosphere in Japan and the accumulation of too much fat and disease during these years of work, Qin Bokui began to exercise again.

He remembered that he began to resume training when he was 70 years old, and then jogged for more than four years. He learned that there were special track and field competitions for the elderly in Japan, and that there were different competitions in different cities, districts and counties, so he had the idea of re-competing.

I started running 100 metres from the age of 74. I started running very slowly and very tired. After three months of training, Qin Bokui could run on the track for more than 20 seconds, so he decided to try.

At that time, I also received the encouragement of an old Japanese man, who was still participating in the competition when he was 100 years old, broke all kinds of records, and then could not run. He also had to push the shot put. Anyway, he was always moving and inspired a lot of old Japanese people.

The legend in Qin Bokuis mouth is actually Japans Hideki Miyazaki, who broke the world record for centenarians in 42 seconds on the 100-meter runway at the age of 105. Until the age of 106, the old man was still active in the world track and field.

Qin Bokui was certified in Japan.

With the strength of example and accompanied by his wife, Qin Bokui returned to China from Japan to participate in the competition and was successfully selected as the Chinese team in the Asian Veteran Athletics Championship held in Rugao in 2017. In that years competition, he broke the Asian record in the 4x100m race of the 75-year-old group and won the 4x400m Asian gold medal.

In that match, Aunt Jiang Tianling, like more than 50 years ago, watched the old Qin Bokui and cheered for him.

Actually, I dont expect him to get any results now. The main thing is that he is happy, and then he can be healthy and healthy.

Whenever Aunt Jiang Tianling said her request, Qin Bokui would laugh, because for the elderly, this goal is too low. Now Im participating in the competition, every year after the physical examination, the indicators are normal, no cold in several years.

In the heart of Qin Bokui, there is still a bigger dream, I hope that by the age of 80, I can improve my performance, and then represent China in the world competition, to win medals in personal events.

As for why he insisted, the old mans answer was simple: Running is happiness, so I have to keep running...

Old man Qin Bokui (second right) broke the Asian record.

The contradiction between reality and ideal

For these veterans, their 2018 season did not end completely after the national veteran track and field championship. They all entered their winter training to prepare for the next years competitions.

Its not difficult for them to keep running and keeping fit. However, they always have a small regret that they have not been able to participate in a national or even Asian veteran track and field championship in their home Shanghai.

In fact, the reason why Luo Rushun assumed the responsibility of captain of Shanghai veteran team is to achieve this dream to a large extent.

Luo Rushuns predecessor Zhang Linde, an associate professor of mathematics at Fudan University, has been working hard for this goal. In 2013, when he returned from Spains World Track and Field Competition, he began contacting various stadiums and relevant units in the hope of organizing a national veteran competition. However, due to some problems in funding and organization of the competition, the competition was delayed.

One day on his way home, he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, and then he couldnt be the coach and captain of the veteran team. Referring to the old captain and his coach, Luo Rushun could not restrain his loss and sadness.

Over the years, he has also been communicating with all parties, hoping that Shanghai can host such competitions, but it seems that he has been unable to achieve his wish, We veterans receive less attention and attention. Like Zhang Linde, who suffered from cerebral haemorrhage, and Tian Zhenlun, a former Olympic torch bearer, who won many championships in Asian veteran track and field competitions, and later got Alzheimers disease and did not receive much subsidies.

Perhaps this is the gap between reality and ideal.

In fact, Shanghai is also solving the social problems of the elderly in various forms, among which physical exercise is an important form advocated by the government. However, this form is based on mass fitness, not competitive sports.

In 2017, more than one million elderly people participated in mass fitness. The number of elderly peoples sports is increasing, but the quality of their sports is not high enough.

Relevant director of Shanghai Sports Association for the Elderly told Peng Mei that they organized more than 30 sports events throughout the year, including basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, walking, square dancing, fishing, martial arts and collections, and so on. However, according to the participantsage and physical condition, they would adjust their sports methods. Adapt to the purpose of physical exercise, physical and mental recreation and making friends with the elderly.

We are not discouraging competitive sports, but heavy exercise may cause unnecessary problems for most elderly people. Scientific fitness, self-protection, safety first, and encouraging more elderly people to exercise are our main purposes.

In Shanghai, there is also a senior sports meeting every four years, but compared with the veteran track and field championships, the former is not for the purpose of competing for gold and silver.

Perhaps in most peoples eyes, Luo Rushun, Zhu Baoning and Qin Bokui, the old people who pursue competitive victory, are regarded as a kind of alien, but it is not a kind of persistent perseverance and enthusiasm.

All we need to do is understand and support them and try to provide them with the stage.

Source: Liu Jie_NS6529, the responsible editor of Peng Mei News