A man who lends money to a friend is dishonest and goes to court with a verdict.

 A man who lends money to a friend is dishonest and goes to court with a verdict.

Five years ago, Mr. Ding lent a sum of money to a friend. In order to get the money back, Mr. Ding filed a lawsuit. Finally, he won the verdict recently. But there was an unexpected situation that he could never have imagined.

Mr. Ding went to the court filing hall and showed the judgement to the staff. The staff entered the number in the computer and said that there was no such case in the peoples court system of Qixia District. Mr. Ding thought at that time that there could not be such a thing, could it? Is the verdict still false? Its amazing...

Things will start in 2013. Mr. Ding loaned 250,000 yuan to his colleagues three times, paid in cash, and the other party wrote an IOU. However, when the 2015 borrowing date arrived, the other party refused to repay the money on various excuses after repaying 9,500 yuan. In desperation, Mr. Ding had to resort to law. Through a friends introduction, he met a lawyer named Cao.

Mr. Ding signed a power of attorney, and Lawyer Cao was the sole agent. I heard that Mr. Ding decided to sue. The friends who borrowed money said that they would repay the money as soon as possible. The lawsuit was put on hold for the time being. Until mid-2016, Mr. Ding did not see the other party repayment, and Cao lawyers contacted to formally start the proceedings.

Lawyer Cao said that since he had authorized himself to act as an agent, Mr. Ding should not bother about the matter, nor need to appear in court, just wait for the verdict. Mr. Ding asked many times about the opening of the court and its results. Lawyer Cao said that the case was being handled and that it would take a long time. This delay lasted for more than a year. By February this year, under Mr. Dings repeated urging and questioning, Lawyer Cao said that the case had won.

Shortly afterwards, Lawyer Cao took the verdict to Mr. Ding. The court ruled that the defendant would repay 240500 yuan within 15 days after the verdict came into effect. After seeing the verdict, Mr. Dings previous doubts were cleared away. However, Mr. Ding was not happy for a long time, and the problem came again. The verdict was issued at the end of February, but the money was delayed. Every time Mr. Ding asks Lawyer Cao, he always has various reasons.

Mr. Ding couldnt wait. He took the verdict to the court. Who knows if he checked it, the verdict was false. After the investigation, the police found that not only the verdict was false, but also the lawyer Cao.

Cao Mou is in charge of market development in a legal service company and should be handed over to lawyers after receiving the case. In 2015, Cao Mou owed a lot of foreign debt, even interest can not be repaid. After someone introduced Mr. Ding to Cao Mou, he claimed to be a lawyer and paid off his foreign debts after receiving 10,000 yuan in litigation fees.

In the following three years, Cao Mou used various reasons to prevaricate Mr. Setin. Every time Mr. Ding was allowed to wait outside the court, he was also afraid of revealing his stuff.

At the beginning of this year, seeing Mr. Ding hurry up, there is no reason for the case to drag on. Cao Mou made a judgment on himself, looking for the seal of the person engraving the official seal outside.

At present, Cao Mou is suspected of two charges, fraud and forgery of official documents of the state public security organs, with which he is prosecuted in court.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of China Economic Network