Womens Divorce for Property and Carry Gasoline Buckets into Their Parents-in-laws Home

 Womens Divorce for Property and Carry Gasoline Buckets into Their Parents-in-laws Home

In order to get more property after divorce, the woman rushed into her parents-in-laws house with a petrol barrel and threatened to die together with her family... Eventually, the woman put herself into the police station.

On the evening of December 6, the Kangqiao Police Station of Gongshu Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Ms. Feng. Comrade police, come quickly and my daughter-in-law will set fire and die with us, the woman said by telephone. The police rushed to the scene as soon as they heard this.

As soon as they arrived at the scene, the police smelled a pungent smell of gasoline, and saw a young woman in a red bathroom smashing the door of a room with a fire extinguisher. The police immediately stopped the woman and took her back to the police station for investigation.

It turned out that the woman who smashed the door was Xiaofang, daughter-in-law of Ms. Feng, the police officer. Xiao Fang was born after 1990. Before that, she owed more than 2 million yuan of gambling debt to her family outside. It was not until the creditors came home that anything happened. Because of this, she is divorcing her husband Xiaomo.

Xiaofang hopes to pay off her gambling debts with a little more property after her divorce. For this reason, she has quarreled with her parents-in-law and her husband Xiaomo many times. After several unsuccessful door-to-door requests for money, Xiao Fang had radical ideas.

The day before the incident, Xiaofang came again to ask for money and threatened to die together with his parents-in-law and his husbands family. At that time, Ms. Feng thought it was just a joke and ignored it.

Although it is known that on the evening of December 6, Xiao Fang came to Ms. Fengs door again in a vehement manner, hurled the fire extinguisher in the corridor and smashed the door, forcing Mr. Gong Gong Mo to open the door. Xiao Fang pulled out the monitoring power cord in the room after entering the door. Then he carried a large barrel of mineral water bottle filled with petrol and began to spill petrol into the living room.

Xiao Fangs husband Xiao Mo was also at home, besides Ms. and Mrs. Feng, but because she did not want to quarrel with Fang, Xiao Mo locked herself in the room and did not come out.

Mr. Gu, a neighbor, watched the whole process at the door. When Xiao Fang took out a lighter from his pocket and wanted to light the petrol on the ground, he grabbed the lighter and stopped Xiao Fang.

Ms. Feng wakes up from her fright and calls the police immediately. When the police arrived, Xiao Fang was smashing Xiao Mos door with fire extinguishing agent, forcing her husband out.

At present, Xiaofang has been detained by the public security organs for arson, and the case is under further investigation.

Source: Responsible Editor of Youth Times: Ji Xueying_NN6784