Fans chasing stars sent 360 passengers to re-check Korean Airlines: no complaints

 Fans chasing stars sent 360 passengers to re-check Korean Airlines: no complaints

According to Korean media reports, on December 15, Chinese fans purchased tickets on the same flight as WANNAONE in order to catch up with the stars and asked for refund before taking off, resulting in 360 passengers being forced to re-check and flight delays. The airline told @Pear Video that the flight was delayed for one hour due to security check on the same day, but no complaints were received from passengers. According to airline policy, passengers can indeed request refund after boarding.

According to Weibo, a well-known airline blogger, four Chinese fans, who were rumored to be the victims of brain-damaged fans, bought first-class tickets to catch up with the plane in order to see Korean idol groups. As a result, they freely asked for refund after seeing the idol (full-price first-class tickets can be refunded free of charge), which led to the absurd incident that more than 300 people on the flight needed to get off again for security checks. It was confirmed that the flight was KE614 from Hong Kong to Seoul on December 15. The incident delayed the flight by 55 minutes before launching the gate and delayed the departure by 1 hour and 13 minutes. It is reported that a well-known Korean idol group returned to Korea after attending an award ceremony held in Hong Kong. Three mainland fans and one Hong Kong fan asked to leave the plane immediately after meeting their idols and refund their tickets.

Korean Airlines official website also issued a downloadable delay statement for the flight on that day (Figure 2). The reason for the delay is shown as Aircraft Operational Condition.

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Korean media exposed Chinese fansstar-following operation and asked to get off the plane and refund after seeing their idols (Source:)

Four Chinese fans bought first-class cabin to chase Han Xing and got off the plane to refund the full amount after meeting his idol.

Four Chinese fans, in order to catch up with the stars, first bought first-class tickets on the same flight as their idols. After meeting their idols successfully, they suddenly asked to get off the plane and refund them in full. And they succeeded... However, 360 passengers on board were forced to re-check and flights were seriously delayed.

Four Chinese fans boarded the plane to take photos of Han Xing and got off the plane to refund tickets to Korean media: idiot

Four Chinese fans bought first-class cabin to chase Han Xing and got off the plane to refund their money after meeting their idols. This forced passengers to re-check the plane, which was delayed for nearly an hour. Korean media batch: idiot.