Two million 22-year-old boys lost their ability to communicate with others after studying abroad for two years

 Two million 22-year-old boys lost their ability to communicate with others after studying abroad for two years

At the age of 22, he was in his prime. But for the family, the 22-year-old Chenyu has become the biggest worry of the whole family.

From childhood, he was lonely and unwilling to communicate with others.

When he was 18 years old, he went abroad to study and lost 2 million yuan in two years, but he did not graduate from the preparatory course.

After returning to China, he went to colleges and universities to study. Within two months, he abandoned his studies and returned home.

With the game as a companion, the only communication left is asking for money from family...

Why did Chenyu grow into a giant baby?

Why did he lose the ability to communicate with others?

Where will his future go?

On December 7, a reporter interviewed Chenyus mother, Ms. Liu, a strong woman with a successful career in a cafe. From the failed marriage to the lost education, Ms. Liu cried several times in her narrative. She repeatedly said, No matter how successful her career is, it will not make up for the failure of education!


Ms. Liu is a senior executive of a company in Harbin. Mr. Ning is an employee of a state-owned enterprise. In the spring of 2006, the couple broke up peacefully on the grounds that they did not see eye to eye. Chenyu lived with his father. Ms. Liu has a strong career ambition, while Mr. Ning is an easy-going personality. After the separation, both husband and wife began their new life, but for Chenyu, all this became a turning point in his growth.

After his parents divorced, Chenyu was sent to his grandmothers home. Chenyu is Grandmas only seedling and the lifeblood of Grandma. Knowing that her son was divorced, Grandma felt that her grandson had suffered a great grievance and cried for several days. Thereafter, Grandma decided to leave the best to her grandson and never let him suffer any more grievances in the future.

Grandma took good care of Chenyu, and her parents responded to Chenyus requests. A year later, Ms. Liu and Mr. Ning formed families respectively, but they were better for their sons, as long as they wanted something, whether husband and wife or grandma, they would be unconditionally satisfied. But this love did not make Chenyu sunny and happy, but made him more and more uncooperative.

Chenyu has no friends in school, and seldom communicates with others. Her grades are in the middle and lower reaches of the class. Both Ms. Liu and Mr. Ning have communicated with their teachers, but they have not been alert, thus missed the best opportunity for education, and Chen Yu has gone further and further off the track.


Grandma became Chenyus umbrella and did not allow her grandson to suffer any wrongs. Once, Grandma saw her 5-year-old granddaughter eat a piece of morning bread because she was hungry. She went out and bought three bags without saying a word. At that time, Grandmas old cold leg was sick, lying sick in bed, and it was snowing heavily outside. Grandmas point of view is that nobody can touch grandsons things.

After setting up a new family, Mr. Ning tried to take Chenyu home to live together. However, Grandma was reluctant to give her grandson to her stepmother. As a result, Chenyu continued to be spoiled by her grandmother. Mr. Ning and Ms. Liu were busy with their work and life.

In the past ten years, Ms. Liu has devoted herself to her work and made a qualitative leap in her career, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan a year to 78 million yuan a year. Although the work is like a fish in water, but her son has always been a heart disease of Ms. Liu. In 2014, Chenyu was a sophomore in a private high school in Harbin. Ms. Liu analyzed her sons achievements and proposed that her son go abroad to study.

Ms. Liu sent Chenyu to New Zealand to study as a preparatory course. She hoped that he would continue to study in New Zealand. However, Chenyus development abroad is far from Ms. Lius vision: he still has no friends and hardly communicates with others. Playing games is his main way to pass the time.

Economically, Chenyu never knew what it meant to be in financial straits. If you want to go home, its just the fare. Chenyu may spend more than 100,000 yuan a year. Coupled with expensive tuition and living expenses, Chenyu spent at least 2 million yuan in two years. The whole family clenched their teeth to meet the needs of Chenyu. As a result, nothing has been achieved, even the diploma of the preparatory course can not be obtained.

Worse still, in foreign countries, Chen Yus personality has become more isolated and suspected of suffering from depression. Until then, Ms. Liu found that studying abroad was not suitable for her son.


In July 2016, Ms. Liu and Mr. Ning decided to let Chenyu give up studying abroad and go home for adjustment. Ms. Liu said, Children hardly stay indoors at home. Every day cats play online games in their bedrooms. All the meals were delivered by grandma, or even fed at one mouthful.

In September 2017, Ms. Liu and Mr. Ning sent Chenyu to a college to study, hoping that he could learn a skill. However, less than two months after going to school, Chenyu had a conflict with his classmates and insisted on going home, once again opening up the life of staying at home and playing online games.

During the interview, Ms. Liu opened the chat records of mother and son to reporters. There were few other information except transfer records. For Chenyu, there is basically no concept of money. He plays games because the computer configuration is not enough, so he can not pass the customs. He will immediately send his mother a message: Give me 10,000 yuan, change the computer.

More than a year has passed, and the picture is still fixed in the morning to play games, Grandma tirelessly feeding. Speaking of this, Ms. Lius tears cant help anymore. She doesnt know where her sons future lies. Now, although Ms. Liu is earning a high salary and living a golden-collar life, her son is her heart disease, making her sleep and food difficult, and even has symptoms of depression.

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In response to Chenyus problem, the reporter interviewed Zhang Congpei, a well-known national psychologist, who pointed out that the deformity of the pet makes Chenyus personality become extreme and derailed from society. High-quality companionship is the essence of education, and Chenyus parents choose to replace companionship with material, which leads to endless problems, making his son like a giant baby without any ability to live.

When children grow up, problems must be the root of their parentsplanting. Whether a child succeeds or not is closely related to whether the parentsfamily education is correct or not. Chenyus future is still unknown, but his experience should alarm more parents. No matter how busy his marriage is, how busy his career is, no matter how difficult his life is, his company with his children is indispensable, because what you give him, his future is what kind of person he is.

(All the characters in the article are aliased names)

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, responsible editor of New Evening News