Students were sentenced to life for not returning a girls employment in a graduate photo album.

 Students were sentenced to life for not returning a girls employment in a graduate photo album.

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My classmate borrowed her graduation album and hired a young girl to bury her cruelly. (Source: ~)

In April 2015, Chiba, Japan, had an extremely brutal juvenile homicide. On December 11, 2018, the Supreme Court of Tokyo, Japan, declared that the original Chiba Court had upheld the first sentence of life imprisonment of the cases chief conspirator, Shimizu Tang.

Noguchi Ainaga

On the evening of April 19, 2015, Aiyong Noguchi, an 18-year-old girl, went shopping with her friends. On the way, she was chatted up by Tang Shamiao, a high school classmate, and three other men. She was taken to a black car. Subsequently, two men from Noguchi, Tangshao and Inoue and Nagano changed to another white car. In the car, the well out waiters tied up the nozzle with the rope prepared beforehand, and stuffed socks into the nozzle of the nozzle, and stuck them with tape so that they could not resist. Eventually, Noguchi was taken to a field near his relativeshome, where Nagano had dug a pit about a meter deep. After they robbed Noguchi of her money, they wrapped her head in a bag and buried her cruelly.

Tang Shi Cheng Mei

Two days after the incident, Chiba police received the alarm and arrested four suspects after investigation. Master Tang Shamiao and the deceased Aiyong Noguchi are high school classmates. Three male suspects are friends of Tang Shamiao. They are 16-year-old driving teenager, 20-year-old Izumi Inoue and 20-year-old Nagano Xiangtai.

At that time, Japans adult age was still 20 years old. As the chief conspirator of the crime, Tang Shaoshengmei, was not an adult, and the murderers law was extremely cruel, the case attracted social attention in Japan. Shockingly, Tang said Noguchi worked privately in a custom shop and ordered a champagne tower of 1 million yen (about 60,000 yuan). Half a million yen has been paid, and the rest is on credit. Before going to a custom shop to work, Noguchi, who was asked to prove his students identity, borrowed his graduation album from his classmate Tang Shao, and did not return it until the incident. Contacting Noguchi did not make Tang Shao very dissatisfied with his treatment, and there were other monetary relations between the two men, so Tang Shao decided to hire a murderer to kill Noguchi.

On March 10, 2017, the Chiba District Court pronounced Tang Shaos life imprisonment at first instance. In this regard, Tang Shallow also argued that he did not start at that time, and strongly advocated his innocence. On December 11, 2018, the Supreme Court of Tokyo declared its support for the Chiba Courts sentence of life imprisonment.

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