Four Chinese fans boarded the plane to take photos of their idols and got off the plane to refund tickets to Korean media: idiots

 Four Chinese fans boarded the plane to take photos of their idols and got off the plane to refund tickets to Korean media: idiots

Four Chinese fans bought tickets on the same flight as their idol (Hong Kong-Seoul) on Saturday (December 15) in order to catch up with the stars. After taking photos of their idol, they immediately asked to get off the plane and refund it in full, the Korean Times reported on December 16. Fans of this operation although successful, but forced 360 passengers on the plane to re-check, the aircraft also delayed nearly an hour.

Korean media called the four fans idiots in their articles. A girl who also regularly participated in star-chase activities told the Observer Editor that it was common for fans to chase stars by buying full fares first and refunding tickets, which could not only meet idols at close range, but also refund tickets before boarding.

On the evening of the 14th, the annual Manet Asian Music Award (MAMAMA) was held in Hong Kong. Many stars and fans came to the scene to help their idols.

Four fans purchased two first class, one business class and one economy class Korean Airlines Flight from Hong Kong to Seoul in order to see their Korean K-pop idols.

According to the stewardess, the four fans carried the idols sign and poster on the plane. After meeting the idol, they jumped up to surround the idols seat and took photos of the idol despite the stewardessrepeated restraints.

After the photo was taken, four fans immediately offered to get off the plane and asked the airline for a refund.

The Korean Times reported that under air law, if a person leaves the plane, all passengers on board have to re-check. Although the stewardess told four fans about the regulations and stressed that the plane was about to take off, they still insisted on getting off.

Then all the passengers had to re-check, and the farce delayed the plane for nearly an hour before it could start again.

Korean Airlines official website shows that if passengers voluntarily refund tickets, they need to deduct the corresponding service fees or handling fees, but the Korean Times said that Korean Airlines still refunded all their money.

It is reported that the four fans are fans of a Korean idol group. They are about 20 years old. Three are from the mainland of China and one is from Hong Kong, China.

So far, however, the Korean Times has not released any videos or pictures of the incident, nor has it mentioned which Korean mens team it is.

It is worth mentioning that the Korean Times, which broke the news, used idiot directly in its headlines to describe these fans.

In an interview with Naver, South Koreas largest portal website, a related person said that similar incidents had happened before. Some fans bought tickets and blocked the boarding gate to meet their idols in order to catch up with the stars.

In fact, in recent years, fans in the airport around the star scene is very common, including many flights from economy class into first class for signatures, photos, photographs.

A girl who often participates in star-chase activities told Observer Xiaobian that at present many fans will chase stars by buying the same flight with their idols. Rich fans will buy the same class with their idols directly. When flying to the same place, ordinary fans will buy full fare before refund. They buy business or first-class tickets. First, they can see idols at close range. Second, they can buy first-class tickets. To refund the ticket before boarding, it only costs several hundred yuan.

However, she also said that fans generally do not boarding the plane. They will come out immediately after taking photos of their idols. It is not common for them to ask for refund after boarding the plane.

According to a previous report by the Beijing Youth Daily, an airline practitioner said that some international air ticket full-price economy or business class regulations, even if they have checked in, can be refunded or re-signed in full free. In domestic airlines, the original airlines also pursue the policy of free refund of full fare tickets.

However, since 2016, Air China, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines have adjusted their refund policies. Even full-price business class and full-price economy class refund tickets before take-off, at least 5% to 10% of the refund fee will be charged.

Although the regulations of each airline are not consistent, it can be found that the refund fee and voluntary change fee of first class and business class are much lower than those of economy class, and the refund fee of Southern Airlines is 0 2 hours before departure.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, this also brings empty space for fans to chase stars, and buying a ticket can be changed continuously.

Southern Airlines Refund Fee, Pictured from Southern Airlines Official Network

China International Airlines refund fee, pictured from China Airlines official website (click to see the big picture)

On April 18 this year, seven departments, including the Civil Aviation Administration of China, jointly signed the Opinions on Appropriately Restricting Certain Serious Disbelievers from Riding on Civil Aircraft within a Certain Period to Promote the Construction of Social Credit System, which came into effect on May 1. It is stipulated that passengers who commit nine kinds of acts in airports or aircraft and are subject to administrative punishment or criminal responsibility by public security organs will not be able to travel on civil aircraft within one year.

For fans who buy tickets and refund tickets and chase stars near the boarding gate, as long as they are not out of line, they have not been brought into the scope of disruption by the airport police. At present, there is no record of fans chasing stars on the black list.

However, in an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily, people concerned said that fansstar-following behavior should be guided rationally, especially in the public sphere, fans behavior should be restrained rationally to avoid harmful effects on others and public order. The possibility of being blacklisted should not be excluded for those who have indeed committed extraordinary acts.

Four Chinese fans bought first-class cabin to chase Han Xing and got off the plane to refund the full amount after meeting his idol.

Four Chinese fans, in order to catch up with the stars, first bought first-class tickets on the same flight as their idols. After meeting their idols successfully, they suddenly asked to get off the plane and refund them in full. And they succeeded... However, 360 passengers on board were forced to re-check and flights were seriously delayed.