Preventive! Netizens exploded that twelve oclock in the middle of the night Wechat suddenly automatically transferred money out.

 Preventive! Netizens exploded that twelve oclock in the middle of the night Wechat suddenly automatically transferred money out.

Now pay with Alipay or WeChat.

Generally, password or face recognition is used.

The netizen suffered one in the middle of the night.

Strange forced transfer!

What on earth happened uuuuuuuuuuuu

Netizen @A Soft Sister exploded:

At about 12:30 p.m., a friends Wechat was stolen. The other party forced to log on to Wechat and transfer the money of the bank card bound by Wechat to his friend. Excuse the limit, let him help pay a sum! A total of more than 1000 yuan has been transferred!

At that time, when the mobile phone was silent, more than 12 oclock was the usual time to sleep. The girl who had been very good at crying repeatedly that night, friends wanted to take the mobile phone to see the time before they found the text message reminder. Fortunately, it was found in time, and the money in the card was not transferred. Friends said that after the discovery, re-login Weixin, has been forced to offline! The other party is still operating.

Now we have recovered part of the money, there are three more can not be recovered! The stolen friend thought, maybe because the payment password is too simple, so the stolen number!

Brief summary

The process of being stolen is that Weixin is stolen and landed. After being stolen, Weixin friends are sent Weixin red envelopes. Under the pretext of Weixin limit, friends are allowed to receive red envelopes to help pay a fee or add a brother micro-signal to transfer money to brother!

Subsequently, the parties applied for compensation for theft.

But it was rejected by Wechat.

Because suspicion is guard theft and operation of relatives and friends

This encounter attracted a crowd of netizens

Many people said it was too mysterious.

Some said they had similar experiences.

Reasons behind it deserve to be alerted

Lets first take a look at the steps taken by netizens to expose their stolen numbers.

Whatever the reason is

When it comes to money payments, etc.

Reminds everybody must raise vigilance

How do you usually prevent similar deception?

Protect your account security

1. Whatever other people ask for personal information such as your Wechat account, password, SMS verification number for any reason, do not provide it, otherwise it is very likely to be stolen.

2. When you find that your Weixin account has been stolen, please freeze your account at the Weixin website or the Weixin website on the mobile phone or PC, and notify your friends to guard against fraud.

Prevention of fraud by stolen persons

1. In case of Wechat friends borrowing money or other situations that require payment of funds, it is best to confirm by telephone or video. If you encounter vague voice, you must make careful verification.

2. When transferring money to friends who cant confirm their true identities, the time of arrival can be set as 2 hours arrival or 24 hours arrival to reserve processing time.

3. If a friends Weixin account is found to have been stolen, he or she should make a complaint about the stolen account in time, notify the friend to freeze the account and forward it to prevent other users from being deceived.

Source: responsible editor of Guangming. com: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182