Junos mission will take more than half of Jupiters photos, like dolphins and squids.

 Junos mission will take more than half of Jupiters photos, like dolphins and squids.

Recently, NASAs Jupiter probe Juno sent back a series of high-definition images of Jupiters close-range clouds, triggering heated discussion among netizens.

According to CNN reports, Junos Jupiter mission will officially enter the second half on December 21, and its photos taken in recent months around Jupiter have also been put on social media by NASA, causing widespread concern. NASA describes these pictures as dolphins and squids swimming on the surface of Jupiter. In fact, they are images of Jupiters atmosphere and clouds flowing and moving...

NASAs Jupiter Photos

Previously, Juno was launched in 2011, and did not enter Jupiters orbit until July 2016. It launched a mission to explore Jupiter. Its targets include Jupiters gravity field, magnetic field and other data to explore the formation and history of Jupiter. Since Juno went into orbit in 2016, more close-range images of Jupiter have been sent back, such as this dynamic image of Jupiter uploaded on the official website and on official Twitter on October 29.

At that time, Juno was on its 16th mission to Jupiter, which happened to capture cloud changes in Jupiters southern hemisphere. After NASA released the photos, scientists Brian Swift and Sen Doran post-produced them to make the images more vivid and vivid.

A post-production photograph of the dolphin beating

Dolphin-shaped clouds seem to swim well along Jupiters southern Temperate Belt clouds. NASA described it as an anticyclonic storm after another photo released in early November was nicknamed squid-like by netizens, explaining that the white areas on the photo resembling squid antennae are actually anticyclonic storms.

NASA released a picture of Jupiter that was nicknamed squid by netizens

NASA said Juno will complete its 16th orbiting Jupiter mission on 21, and its exploration mission will enter the second half. Scott Bolton, Junos chief investigator, said Juno was expected to finish its mission in 2021 after completing 32 rounds.

The most incredible thing about our discoveries is that we find Jupiter is actually very different from what we thought it was before, Bolton said. These pictures can almost be considered close-ups and personal pictures of Jupiter. We used to think that Jupiters interior was regular and tedious, but it turned out that we were really wrong.

NASA says the watercolor swirls in this picture are Jupiters northern temperate clouds. Like clouds on Earth, people are looking for shapes. After these photos were sent out, they received enthusiastic responses from netizens, including squid, birds and so on.

NASA said December 21 would be the mid-term deadline for Junos mission. So they are eager to see Juno take more attractive pictures in the process.

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