The balance of strength between men and women in the Chinese swimming army needs to learn the skills of turn-around diving in Japan, Europe and the United States

 The balance of strength between men and women in the Chinese swimming army needs to learn the skills of turn-around diving in Japan, Europe and the United States

In this competition, the Chinese swimming team won the 5th and 3rd medals with 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 Bronze medals. This competition has broken 9 World Records and set 22 world records. The next competition will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in 2020.

Looking at Long Pool from Short Pool: The Importance of Short Pool is Highlighting

The short pool (25m) World Swimming Championships have been held every two years since 1993 and in odd years since 1999. The World Swimming Championships for Short Pools began in double years in 2000. Meanwhile, the World Swimming Championships for Long Pools (50m) began in odd years in 2001, so that each year there will be a World Championship, with short pools and long pools held alternately. The difference is that there are only swimming events in the short pool world championships, with 46 gold medals in this years Hangzhou World Tour. In addition to swimming, the long pool World Swimming Championships also include diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, open water and other events, which are held for about two weeks.

Because the short pool is shorter than the long pool, the swimming lane is half shorter, occupies less space, and has a slightly lower requirement for venues, which is more suitable for popularization all over the world. Even in some short pool competitions, pools are often constructed in a assembled way and can be competed in a comprehensive gymnasium. For athletes, if they want to participate in the short pool competition, they usually have to carry out short pool start, turning skills and other training.

Hangzhou holds this World Tour Competition, which can be said to have favorable conditions for the time, place and people.

Hangzhou has a unique advantage in terms of people and people. Hangzhou has made remarkable achievements in swimming events. So far, Hangzhou has won three Olympic swimming Champions (Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen, Luo Xuejuan) and many world champions (such as Fu Yuanhui). The author saw the last day of the competition, the audience was full, the gap between the competition also set off a wave of people. The organizing committee also prepared many souvenirs for the audience, as well as the exhibition of sponsors, which appeared to be tall and magnificent. In order to facilitate the spectators to watch the match, Hangzhou launched five shuttle bus routes in six days, which were very popular with the spectators. Zhan Xugang, an Olympic champion from Zhejiang Province, and Li Lingwei, the world badminton champion and vice president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, attended the awards on the last competition day. Speaking of Zhejiang, Zhejiang is now the province where gold medals have been recorded in every summer Olympic Games since the breakthrough of zero gold medals in the 1984 Chinese Olympic Games.

From Hangzhou to Tokyo: China Team Faces Challenges

There are 42 athletes from the Chinese delegation in the Hangzhou World Tour, including 19 male athletes and 23 female athletes, which basically covers the elite in China. 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 copper are higher than the previous one, and the medals contain a very high amount of gold.

Figure: China won the third place in the mens 4X200m freestyle relay. On December 14, Chinese athletes Ji Xinjie, Xu Jiayu, Sun Yang and Wang Shun (from left to right) attended the award ceremony.

In the relay project showing the overall strength, the Chinese team performed well. For example, the bronze medal in mens 4-by-200-meter freestyle relay surpassed the original world record, set an Asian record, and won by defeating the United States and Australia. The Chinese womens 4-by-200-meter freestyle team won the gold medal. Three of them were young athletes born in 2002, showing a strong reserve force. Womens medley relay 4 times 100 meters, China won the silver medal, showing the overall strength of womens swimming strokes.

In terms of the overall strength of men and women, swimming in China is relatively balanced, not walking on one leg. In terms of medals, both men and women have gold, silver and bronze medals. If before the Chinese womens players were slightly weak, then with the strong rise of Wang Jianhe, half of the sky rose again. Ye Shiwen, a famous teenager, encountered bottlenecks, then studied in Tsinghua University, and then came back with strength. He has created two years of personal good results in this competition, which should be a different feeling. Her case may also be a development for Chinese swimmers to prolong their sports life and try to develop their career in the future.

China won 13 medals in this competition, and Japan won 8 medals, which is slightly advantageous. However, after careful analysis, Japan is also strong. If the first world record was also broken by Japanese swimmer Seto Dae, the Japanese man won a bronze medal in the 4-by-100-meter medley. Wang Jiahe showed his strength in the middle and long distance, but Ledeki of the United States did not come to the competition this time.