2 deaths and 2 injuries caused by juvenile driving without license: speeding is the main cause of the accident

 2 deaths and 2 injuries caused by juvenile driving without license: speeding is the main cause of the accident

According to Taiwans Dongsen News Cloud report, two deaths and two serious injuries occurred in Jiayi City in the early morning of the 15th. A man surnamed Zhuang drove without a license, took two other minors out for supper and speeded. In order to avoid the motorcycle on the right side of the lane, he slipped uncontrollably into the opposite lane, resulting in the death of an innocent 29-year-old Xie. Zhuangmou was transferred according to the crime of negligent death, but in the future, he can still evade criminal responsibility by advocating for emergency refuge through lawyers. However, the police believe that speeding is the main cause of the accident.

Police investigation showed that the accident happened at about 1 a.m. on the 15th, at the cultural junction of Xingda Road in Jiayi City. A 17-year-old Zhuangzhuang was driving a car to have supper with two other minors.

Police said Zhuangmous car entered Xingda Road from west to East after coming down from the Boai Land Bridge, but the speed limit was 50 kilometers, while the teenagers were speeding up to 90 kilometers. It happened that Wengs 62-year-old motorcycle driver was about to ride out of the right lane. Zhuangmous emergency stepping on? X caused the car to skid and run into the opposite lane, knocking down the 29-year-old Xie motorcycle driver who was returning home from work and crashing into another one. Next to the store, the car rolled over at the same time. Two people died and two were injured at the scene of the accident. They were Xie Mou and the woman named Zhong in the back seat of the car.

Police investigation, Zhuangmou and Xie both blood alcohol concentration is 0, preliminary investigation is suspected because Zhuangmou speeding caused a tragedy. The other side of the accident, Weng Mou, tried to cross Xingda Road illegally to eat stewed meat rice across the road, but because the double yellow line could not be crossed, he was also sentenced to death by negligence.

Zhuangmou said that the car was purchased online for 90,000 yuan (NT$) and has not yet been transferred. The police confirmed that the car was insured by compulsory insurance, so the families of the two victims could get compensation. As for how to settle the compensation, it depends on how the insurance is determined.

The police pointed out that Zhuangmous record only claimed that he had stepped on the brake to avoid the right motorcycle, which led to the car running out of control into the opposite lane, but did not claim that he had driven the car to the opposite lane to take refuge in order to avoid the motorcycle, which should not be in line with the criminal law requirements of emergency asylum.

The police pointed out that Article 24 of the Criminal Law stipulates that people who have acted with impunity for avoiding the urgent danger of their own or other peoples lives, bodies, freedoms and property shall be exempted from compulsory acts, but those who have acted with excessive asylum may be mitigated or exempted from their punishment. However, after many times watching the accident process monitor, it was found that when the accident happened in Zhuangmou, only because the motorcycle flew out of one side and stepped on the brake, it slipped out of control into the opposite lane, without any intention of emergency refuge. As for whether Zhuangmou can claim emergency asylum to avoid his illegal cause, it still needs to be determined by the judge, but in the eyes of the police, speeding is the main cause of the accident.

Source: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182, Responsible Editor of Taiwan Net, China